How to Correct Your Body Posture?

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    Taking care of your posture can bring numerous benefits, not only to your comfort but also to your general health. For this reason, we recommend that you pay close attention to these tips and, incidentally, to others that include exercise routines for your day-to-day life.

    1.- Keep the abdomen contracted

    The first piece of advice we want to give you is to keep your abdomen contracted regularly. This is a habit that can be easily done daily. If we get used to a more or less constant contraction of our abdomen, we will be making that part work. With this, we get our trunk to become more robust and help our body posture to be correct.

    2.- Keep your shoulders back

    This is one of the points that most affect body posture. Too often, we relax our shoulders too much, and tend to roll them forward and to the sides. We must strive to keep our backs from rounding, trying to keep our shoulders straight as much as possible. It is not good to remain stooped for a long time: something that people who spend many hours sitting, for example, in the office, should be especially careful about.

    3.- Take care of your body posture when you sleep

    Another of the most important aspects to maintain proper body posture is to be especially vigilant at bedtime. We must ensure that our body maintains its natural verticality while we sleep: this is about keeping the spine aligned and straight from the cervical area to the coccyx.

    We must also remember the great importance of rest elements. Get a suitable mattress for your needs, and also take into account other elements of rest such as pillows. A viscoelastic material is much better than foam for maintaining proper body posture.

    4.- Try to keep your body aligned at all times

    Just as we’ve talked about sleeping, and suggested keeping your alignment as long as possible, the same goes for the day. While we are standing we must ensure that our shoulders, hips, and head are aligned. This is also necessary while doing other moving activities like walking or running. It is important to take care of our posture at all times, even when we are more active.

    5.- Take your body posture into account when sitting

    As we mentioned previously, the issue of body posture can be a particularly difficult pending issue for those who spend many hours sitting at work. Therefore, in your case, you should pay special attention to those hours. Otherwise, your body posture may suffer. If you work many hours sitting down, first of all, we must recommend that you keep your feet flat on the ground at all times. This support point will make your back not have to curve to keep your balance.

    6.- Choose the furniture well

    Again, for people who spend a lot of time sitting down, advice should be given, this time related to the furniture itself. We must always make sure to adjust the height of the chair to our height. Likewise, we must have a support point for the arms. When hanging, the only thing we achieve is that our back gradually curves. Elements such as armrests, or simply a desk, will decisively help the shoulders to be relaxed and we can reach a correct body posture more easily.

    7.- Perform specific exercises for the back

    In general, we can say that body posture improves completely when we manage to tone our body. Also when we manage to stay within adequate standards. These standards include values ​​such as weight, flexibility, or toning of our body.

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