It is time for the Ministry of Public Education to apply other measures to regulate the use of cell phones in classrooms.

In this regard, the Ministry of Education has introduced new rules for the students in Costa Rica. This country becomes the first Latin American country to implemment a guide to regulate the use of these devices in High school.

The authorities decided to create these regulations with the aid of students, parents, and other people like teachers and all the staff belonging to the directorate of Cartago, Omar Dengo Foundation, the Department of Technological Services of the Ministry of Public Education, and the Telefonica Company.

“Movilizate”, is a strategic that was originally developed by the Ministry of Public Education.

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Pupil Sending Text Message On Mobile Phone In Class

“We are conscious that our education system needs a complete transformation that involves all the processes in order to provide a better education quality to all the Costa Rican students” – said Alicia Vargas, who is the Vice Minister of Education. She added that the use of cell phones in classrooms requires changes that encompass cultural and educational aspects.

Vargas also highlighted the importance of these regulations. She said that it is not necessary to demonize the use of cellphones in class because they are part of the students’ educational development.

Leda Muñoz, Omar Dengo Foundation’s director, these new rules were created in order to appropriate the technologies in class considering that they develop people’s skills somehow.

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