Fiber Optic and Wireless Connection in Costa Rica

Technology now available in country

End-to-end connections guarantees more speed

“End-to-end Internet connection establishes a connection between the provider and the customer. That type of connection is not shared with a third party to keep the availability of the service” – Valeria Pineda, telecom operator sales manager.

When it comes to running a small business or promoting a brand, hiring a very efficient telecom enterprise pans out to be the right thing to do. Customers must make sure that the company to hire really exists by doing some research first. In Costa Rica, there are many Internet companies which offer the best services to the population in general, however, they concentrate more on small and big businesses because of the demand.

Hiring this type of service facilitates the operations and transactions between two or more companies due to the Internet connection speed. It also favors the local companies which constantly interact with international businesses. The service hastens and accelerates the process making it look easier. Boomerang Wireless, a telecom business in Costa Rica has outstood thanks to the good service provision to all their customers.

The company offers and provides the service directly to the user’s home so that he is able to have an exclusive net connection, without risk of connectivity problems.

The company counts on its own fiber optic and wireless connection which allows users to be connected directly from the business net that, by the same token, comes from the USA and not from local companies. Tynos Ennis, one of the most important members of Boomerang Wireless explained that the decision of resorting to an American provider responds to the need of acquiring a faster Internet connection in the country to avoid issues and setbacks during peak hours.

The general manager had noticed that most people subscribed to other Internet service companies struggle to get connected during certain hours a day, and that is precisely what these companies are seeking to avoid. The telecom business is looking to provide an Internet connection as fast as the one in the USA. Boomerang plans to rank Costa Rica first among the countries with the fastest Internet connection in Central America and why not, in the world.

The evolution of the Internet connection providers began two years ago when in 2015 the demand for a wireless service increased exponentially. As almost none of the local companies have taken the initiative of improving their service, it is possible that Boomerang Wireless gets ahead of all of them but at the same time, Boomerang can prompt the interest in other telecom business in getting their own optic fiber and the Internet connection directly from the USA through agreements and contracts.

In addition to this, the new design of the company’s infrastructure permits customers to obtain a safer Internet connection. Counting on Internet connectivity from the US also allows customers to enjoy an unlimited Internet connection since the wireless broadband system hardly ever fails.

On top of that, the customer is free to choose the package. There are 5-megabyte packages and 10-megabyte packages; however, allowing for an unlimited Internet connectivity, the purchaser can choose the number of megabytes of data to receive since the power of the American optic fiber knows no bounds. If the customer requires a service of 100 or 200 megabytes of data per second, these companies can provide it with the American optic fiber system.

With this initiative, the productivity of many businesses will be sky-rocketing as they will be able to work faster considering no connectivity problems are unlikely to occur when sending urgent information to other offices.

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