Costa Rica to Offer Free Wireless Internet in 360 Districts

The Telecommunications Superintendence (Sutel) announced that it will offer free wireless internet in 360 of the 421 districts of Costa Rica, in a project that will start in 2018, through the National Telecommunications Fund (Fonatel).

At a press conference on the plan, whose application competes with interested companies is already online, it was reported that the initiative will connect 985 wireless access points in 360 districts across the country, including the 62 public libraries, 28 train stations and the seven civic centers for peace.

Sutel Council President Gilberth Camacho said the project will cover the whole country to provide wireless service through the program Espacios Públicos Conectados, which will take 100 megabytes of Wi-Fi internet to parks, squares, public libraries, Train and civic centers for peace.

Camacho stressed that the plan will provide an opportunity for economic and social growth for more than four million people, who will be able to connect to the network for study, work, and distraction issues, thus constituting savings for the population.

Meanwhile, the director of Fonatel, Humberto Pineda, anticipated that the initial speed will be increased 50 megabytes each year, so a five-year later will be 300 megabytes. He stated that the project has a cost of 45 million dollars.

Regarding the use of the internet at these points, Pineda explained that they will manage the access of 200 users simultaneously, the free service will be defined for each person in a single day and block some content or websites, because many children and Young people will use it.

VIAThe Costa Rica News (TCRN)
SOURCEMadeira D'Canelo
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