New Metropolitan International Airport of Costa Rica

“Costa Rica has already demonstrated that it has the strength to break paradigms in terms of innovation, tourism, the attraction of investments and public infrastructure. That is what we are pushing to lay the foundations for the new airport of the twenty-first century, even beyond, taking into account the conditions required to undertake a project of this magnitude.”

Today, with more than a thousand international flights entering and leaving the country every week and increasing, it is the duty of all to continue expanding the airline offer through the development of new airport infrastructures that support the future needs of the country.

The canton of Orotina in the Central Pacific region of the country presents unique opportunities for the development of the project.

The Master Plan consists of: a dedicated terminal for international and domestic passengers, a cargo and general aviation area, parking and car rental areas, bus, train and taxi stations, and an airport city to accommodate hotels, developments Commercial, institutional and residential.

From its opening and in its first phase, will have two tracks and the main access road that will lead users to the terminal through the airport city. In its second and third phases, the transport infrastructures, the airport city, the terminal and the different areas of support that make up the project will be expanded, including sufficient space required for maximum development that meets the needs that may arise in the future.

International passengers will enter through the Immigration Hall, an ethereal object inspired by the historic stone spheres that adorn Costa Rica, a welcoming plaza connects to the outside, with green and commercial areas, spaces for cultural and artistic activities where Costa Rica will be able to receive and embrace its visitors.

The new Costa Rica International Airport seeks to be a green airport, an example of sustainability and biological integration, a respectful project and in harmony with nature.

The new Costa Rica International Airport will be one of the key components for the development of the country and one of those responsible for implementing the vision of a sustainable and green future, improving international connectivity and transforming the metropolitan areas of the country.

The future of Costa Rica is everyone’s responsibility.

“We fulfill our responsibility so that finally this work begins and continue contributing to the competitiveness of our country. It will be up to future governments to continue it and to the citizens, to be vigilant with will and transparency to see this project fulfilled “.

SOURCEMadeira D'Canelo
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