Internet Cookies: Find Out What They Are and What They Do With Your Data

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It is important to know the main reason for the immense impact of the Internet in contemporary society: “Internet is open to all”. For some, the controversy begins here, and it is that, during this great range of new technological wonders that we have at hand, we must turn to look at the importance this tool has, and that every day grows even more.

The human part of the Network.

The new jobs to which more than a third of the working world population have migrated allows a better economic remuneration without having to make a greater investment of time and thus creating new and innovative business lifestyles, which today are developed with a success that overwhelms modern society.

When browsing the Internet, some pages ask for authorization to continue within the query using the so-called “Cookies”. It is important to know that this alert consists of a legal permit. But do you know what it is? Many do not know how it works. In the following paragraphs, we present to you all the details about Cookies.

Cookies are defined as a small piece of text that is used by a web server. They can be stored inside the user’s hard drive. Their main and most important function is that they allow a website to save information on a user’s machine to recover it later. The database that is stored within cookies is saved by value, pairs, and name.

The behavior of cookies depends on the browser you’re using. For example, to know the database provided by cookies in the Google Chrome browser. You should visit the following Chrome:    website: // settings / site data.

Different types of information linked to different web queries are stored within this address. It is important to mention that cookies should not be confused with programs. Since it could be said that they are only data products of your online research with given names. It is also appropriate to clarify that they do not cause any damage to your computer system.

How cookies work.

Its operation is simple. It is summarized the first time you visit a web page. This visit can store a cookie inside your hard drive. That is why, when you visit that specific page again, the browser will search your hard drive for the cookie belonging to that site. This process is responsible for sending all the pairs to the server, that is, name-value and there the information contained in the cookie will be recovered. In the particular case that the website does not record any important data, that is, a pair of names or values. The same system will notice that it is the first time you decide to visit that page. So it will create a new cookie belonging to that new query.

What were cookies created for?

The creation of cookies is primarily designed to offer you a search experience or query closer to global Internet users. As a curious fact, it is important to note that large ecommerces use this “cookies” system to store the tastes and preferences of their potential users. This practice facilitates their work because when they re-enter the page, it shows your products related to your particular tastes and needs.

Currently, many websites have chosen to use cookies. Because this practice loads the information much faster. What attracts recurring users who are always attentive to visit a specific website? Likewise, social networks have also been pioneers in the use of cookies. This allows them to show their users content that may interest them. The use of cookies in this regard is given to show specific content and that this is loaded much faster.

To start the process of operating cookies, the owner of a website must follow a series of basically fairly simple rules. You will only need a cookie notice, also a legal text in which your visitors approve or not its use.  If you own a website it is very easy to start a project that integrates the use of cookies. Also, it gives your users more relevant content and most importantly: speed.

SOURCEYohander Rodriguez
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