Waze Vs Google Maps: What Are The Differences

    Two applications that serve a similar purpose, but their approach is not exactly the same

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    In maps and routes applications, there are those who prefer Waze and there are those who prefer Google Maps. They are two applications that, in addition to belonging to Google, have as many things in common as there are differences.

    If it confuses you a bit that there are two Google applications with a similar purpose, here we tell you how Waze is different from Google Maps, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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    Waze covers only part of Google Maps

    Waze and Google Maps are two applications that serve a similar purpose, but their approach is not exactly the same. Google Maps is a maps application that includes routes and navigation, while Waze is a navigation application that includes social functions.

    In other words, comparing Waze with Google Maps is not a fair comparison, as Google Maps encompasses a wider range of functions. What are comparable are the routes and navigation options, something that both applications have.

    Google Maps has navigation and much more. Waze navigation only.

    Both applications allow you to obtain routes from one point to another in the city, although Waze is limited to vehicle routes (car, motorcycle and taxi), while Google Maps adds routes on foot, by public transport and by bicycle.

    Now, for car routes Waze adds some useful functions that are not present in Google Maps, such as specifying the type of fuel of the car to suggest matching gas stations, adding your toll passes, avoiding dirt roads or difficult crossings.

    Although it is possible to plan trips from one location to another, it is somewhat more cumbersome in Waze than in Google Maps. Waze is intended to be used as a navigation in the car and not so much as a map to calculate routes between two points when you are not yet at one of those points.

    Waze’s interface is sometimes described as “too childish”

    There is nothing written about tastes, but the difference between the design philosophy of one application and another is more than evident. Google Maps sticks to the latest Material Theming recommendations, with slightly rounded edges and understated graphics, while Waze opts for a more casual and colorful style, sometimes described as childish.

    The differences in the interface are not so serious as to justify that one application is better than another, so it depends mainly on your taste. If you prefer the features of Waze, you will probably end up getting used to its appearance and its interface somewhat more loaded than Google Maps.

    On the other hand, there will be those who think that the Google Maps interface, more simplified, is too boring. For them, Waze not only has more color, but also includes some more customization options, such as changing the icon of your avatar in various designs. Google Maps lets you change the car, but with very few designs.

    Information: in real time or not

    Another important difference between Google Maps and Waze is that the latter has a strong social component, that is, the drivers themselves report a multitude of incidents or useful information to alert other drivers. These incidents include traffic, accidents, police checks or any other danger.

    Google Maps began to integrate these notices a long time ago and a year ago it began to add the buttons to report incidents from Google Maps, but the function has not yet spread to the whole world nor is it as important as in Waze.

    Waze therefore offers more information in real time, during the route, although the Google Maps database is more extensive with information about the sites. That is to say, in information about routes, Waze wins, but in information about places, Google Maps.

    Waze and maps

    Waze will guide you from one place to another, but in Google Maps you can get very complete and up-to-date information about any place. This is so because while the Waze community focuses on reporting incidents on the road, the Local Guides on Google Maps are responsible for keeping the information of the places up to date, with all kinds of information and photos.

    One for navigation, one for much more

    In summary, Waze is a navigation application that, as such, offers greater depth when calculating routes, with more options, personalization and information in real time during the route, while Google Maps has its own navigation, similar to Waze, plus a lot of many things.

    The truth is that the applications are not supplementary, but rather complementary. Neither Waze does everything that Google Maps nor Google Maps does everything the same as Waze, at least for the moment, so if you do a lot of driving routes, it is best to combine both.


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