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    The concept of music has evolved since its origin in ancient Greece in which poetry, music and dance were brought together without distinction as a unitary art.Music sweetens the world, teaches customs and comforts man. It is educational discipline that makes people sweeter, more moral, more reasonable.

    That is why through the melody of music we want to introduce you to the talent of Camilo Poltronieri, a musician, sound engineer, and audio and visual producer native to Costa Rica. That through beautiful old instruments (Hang, ShehnaiDidj among others) combined with the latest technology creates a unique sound designed for the most demanding tastes.

    Good music at Resonance

    Under its philosophy “make this world a brighter place to live” Resonance presents this intimate concert for the enjoyment of all. Where the artist also hopes to walk us through countless melodies through a series of formerly diverse elements.

    Paltronieri will have the opportunity to delight you all through his talent this Sunday, December 19th, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Resonance retreat center-Playa Hermosa Jaco facilities as already mentioned.

    In details!

    It is important to note that to expand this and other information regarding all the initiatives that are being worked on by Resonance, the invitation is to visit the following link:

    Learn more about Camilo Poltronieri

    These types of shows are ideal because they do good to the mind and spirit. Poltronieri, confesses himself as a music lover and attributes this passion to a group of friends who taught him flamenco rhythms. Today this passion continues to grow. He says about music that he likes to learn and feel how it grows and resonates in his being.

    His current proposal is a trip back in time, a mixture of sounds and instruments from the past that are intertwined with technology and current musical rhythms, making them the perfect compendium to delight your audience.

    Relocate to beach work remote
    Resonance has been created to bring together a community of digital nomads, entrepreneurs, innovators, wisdom keepers, alternative thinkers, mentors and light leaders from all over the planet to bridge the gap between demanding work and living a lifestyle that offers the opportunity to live and work in an environment that is nourishing and supportive.
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