Smart Cities the Future of the Real Estate System in Costa Rica

    The concept of smart cities requires the integration of technology, infrastructure and government input in order to present an attractiveness that is a global reference

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    Smart cities or efficient cities is a concept that points to a type of urban development based on sustainability. It can work in the most appropriate way, solving the main needs that may arise within the inhabitants, companies or institutions. Thus allowing them to obtain a better recovery with respect to the economic or environmental operational level.

    By the year 2050, the United Nations Organization UN projects that more than 66% of the world’s population will be concentrated in urban areas, so it is important to take advantage of technological advances and be prepared to receive the population within these cities, counting on the capacity to satisfy the demand for services through growth achieved by planning, analysis and implementation of tools and technologies. The same study revealed that Costa Rica has high-profile cities to become smart cities, among which San José, Guanacaste and Escazú stand out.

    How can you designate a smart city?

    Human capital

    This city is known by this term, whose social investment, human capital, communities and infrastructures are harmoniously correlated. Forming a balance to constitute a sustainable economic development.

    Technological level

    Technologically speaking, a smart city is one that becomes an eco-sustainable system of great popularity. In the same way, cities are easily identified under some criteria such as economy, administration, way of life, inhabitants, environment, mobility and economy.

    Finally, it is appropriate to mention that there are currently developing cities that are an example of the concept of smart cities. These stand out among many others for improving traffic flow, efficient lighting through solar energy and also the construction of houses that become an option to save with respect to heating or cooling, being what represents an ally of the environment in the same way environment.

    Building smart and sustainable cities in Costa Rica

    In Costa Rica, various organizations have sought a way for some time to promote the country with the sole purpose of becoming a country with a large number of highly technological cities with efficient services and with sufficient green corridors to generate high production and quality of life.

    Costa Rica is a developing country that to achieve the title of smart cities in its different areas must overcome great challenges. The innovative cities that can be seen in Costa Rica seek to change a little those cities that we already know and fill them with efficient and sustainable technologies.

    According to Segura (2019), the smart and sustainable city is one with clean air, vegetation, easy mobility and access to ICTs, with basic services, with decent and equitable housing and an effective land use planning agreement.

    While it is true Costa Rica has much to give on its way to becoming an intelligent nation, nevertheless its people and government organizations do their best to fulfill that national desire.

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