Costa Rica Will Be the First Country to Use an Innovative Platform for Mapping Forest Protection Projects

    In an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable way

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    Costa Rica will be the first country to map its forest protection projects on Restor, a science-based, open-access data platform that supports ecosystem restoration. This is thanks to a partnership with the company, which aims to bring a higher level of transparency to the country’s conservation and restoration efforts.

    As part of the agreement, Costa Rica will publish details about its Payments for Environmental Services (PES) projects and receive access to global monitoring data and tools.

    “By sharing our projects for payments for environmental services in Restor, Costa Rica is making its commitments on forest loss and recovery transparent and accountable. We hope this inspires other countries to do the same,” said Andrea Meza, Minister of Environment.

    To reduce deforestation and carbon emissions in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable way, one tactic is to make payments for the services provided by the environment, that is, farmers and landowners are paid to manage the land so that it continues to provide clean water and air and food production.

    Inspiring commitment

    “It is inspiring to see a country committing so much to environmental transparency. Costa Rica is a shining example of what the environmental movement needs,” said Dr. Thomas Crowther, founder of Restor.

    Since 1990, Costa Rica has doubled its forest cover, becoming the first tropical country to reverse deforestation, going from 34% in 1977 to 52% today.

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