Entrepreneurship by Seniors and Labor Skills Adaptation

    The highest rate of entrepreneurship over the past decade has been among people aged 55-64

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    There is now more talk of harnessing developed job skills and redesigning a new economy based on entrepreneurs in all age groups. According to the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation report, The Coming Entrepreneurship Boom, the highest rate of entrepreneurship over the past decade has been among people aged 55-64.

    However, the pandemic came to change certain rules of the game. Among them, the understanding and use of computer technologies, which have forced the development of new job skills. These changes are critical to new ventures and are essential for use by this group of people.

    Finding the necessary support to undertake

    Although the entrepreneurship of seniors has all the advantages that independence and maturity offer, it also requires being aware of the needs of the market.

    Therefore, it is not possible to do it in isolation or alone. Having the help of a professional and trained team that facilitates achieving the objectives of the enterprise is the best way to respond to the demands of the new company. Combining job skills between seniors and young people is strategic and necessary.

    Seniors can obtain from young people job skills such as:

    Adaptability and Research

    Young people are used to coming up with things on their own and researching everything that catches their attention, they can be proactive and versatile, capable of developing work skills beyond those required for their positions.

    Mastery of technologies

    They are digital natives, their knowledge of new technologies makes them experts when it comes to optimizing time and resources, something that they will undoubtedly want to implement in their business.

    Innovation and creativity

    Young people can develop innovative strategies to achieve results in a creative way that can set companies apart from their competitors.

    Entrepreneurship that combines generations

    In a short time, resilient companies are those that combine the ideal labor skills of seniors and young people. There they contribute the maximum as knowledge, experience, youth and innovation.

    Seniors require the job skills of young people and vice versa. This in order to achieve a sustainable enterprise that can be projected and scalable. A venture that combines generations allows you to create a powerful network, learn about market opportunities and explore different sectors, without age being an impediment.

    Inspiring examples

    There are many cases that can inspire, such as John Pemberton who founded Coca-Cola at the age of 55, Harland Sanders who founded KFC at the age of 65 and Ray Kroc who founded McDonald’s at the age of 52. Entrepreneurship is therefore not at odds with age. The facts show that it is never too late to undertake, nor to want to create a company.

    You can be over 50 years old and build a successful business. The work skills learned, as well as past mistakes, significantly increase the chances of achieving goals. But they increase more if they are combined with the job skills of young people.

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