Is Costa Rica a Country That Values the Leadership of Women?

    In the world there is a female empowerment that takes more than 60 years of knowledge, motivation and courage. This empowerment has been reflected in great leaderships from different nations and today, recently, in Costa Rica

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    For the Secretary General of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, Martin Chungong, only 6% of countries have a woman as head of state and only 7% preside over a Government, in total, of 193 countries, only 22 women occupy one of those two functions, two more than last year 2020.

    Today Costa Rica makes a difference and already has a Vice President and for the first time in its history, a woman will be the one who heads the Electoral Tribunal. Magistrate (TSE) Eugenia María Zamora Chavarría, at the age of 72 she was elected as president of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Costa Rica. She is a woman with a master’s degree in law from Harvard University, an electoral magistrate since 2005 and vice president of the TSE since 2009. In this regard, Zamora defines her election as a tribute both to her professional career and to the struggle of women for so many decades for equality.

    It turns out that on October 27th, Luis Antonio Sobrado announced his resignation as president of the TSE due to the candidacy of a sister-in-law for the vice-presidency of the Costa Rican country, heading for the February 6th elections.

    From now on, it is said that the first challenge of the new president of the TSE is the elections of Sunday, February 6th, 2022, in which 3.5 million Costa Ricans will be called to the polls to choose the president, two vice presidents and 57 deputies of Congress, for a period of four years from May 2022 to May 2026.

    Europe is the one with the most women in senior positions in the world

    A study by the Inter-Parliamentary Union, says that Europe, especially in the north, is the region in the world with the most women in senior political positions. Regarding Parliaments, the highest global female parliamentary representation corresponds to Nicaragua.

    The study affirms that the maximum reach in countries with female heads of state or is slowly noticeable, as well as in the global proportion of female ministers. After reaching a peak of 21.3% of female ministers during the previous report, the current one shows a timid advance of six tenths, standing at 21.9% at the beginning of this year.

    Data from the Union indicate that there are 22 women who occupy the position of Head of State or Government, two more compared to last year. The largest global female parliamentary representation corresponds to Nicaragua with almost 59% women, followed closely by four European countries: Austria, Sweden, Belgium and Albania. Rwanda, with almost 55%, ranks sixth, Costa Rica seventh and Canada eighth.

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