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    Resilience: A Leadership Axis

    Resilience is an ability and a powerful way to face the challenges of an increasingly interconnected and communicated world.

    National Geographic Society Recognizes Costa Rican Biologist For His Leadership in Protecting the Environment

    The National Geographic Society / Buffett Prize was awarded this year to Bernal Rodríguez, professor and researcher at the School of Biology of the...

    United Nations Project in Costa Rica Positions Leadership of Indigenous and Migrant Women

    Strengthening the participation of women from groups in vulnerable situations and promoting peaceful coexistence in territories at risk of conflict, especially indigenous peoples, is...

    Debi Nova: “Supporting a Female Entrepreneur Brings an Entire Community Forward”

    During the activity, the artist learned about the projects of these women, among which were the making of costume jewelery, clothing, accessories, corn-based pastries and ceviche.

    What are the Skills and Mindsets for the Leaders of the Future?

    When we hear the word water, an image immediately comes to mind, we know what we are talking about. The same does not happen...

    Top Quotes About Leadership & Teambuilding

    From Today’s Top Business Coaches Use these words of wisdom to rally your team together or inspire yourself when times get tough. Read through this...

    TEDxPuraVida 2016

    TEDx will be returning to Costa Rica next year with even more ideas worth spreading. In the words of former U.S. Congressman Ron Paul: Ideas are...
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