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    Costa Rican Real Estate Brokers Announce International Congress for the Year 2022

    The information was presented by the Costa Rican Chamber of Real Estate Brokers (CCCBR) and it is expected that the event will have the intervention of specialists in topics such as real estate, cryptocurrencies, technologies and construction sector trends

    Costa Rica Stands Out As the Fourth Country with the Best English Proficiency in...

    The English language has become one of the fundamental tools to strengthen the preparation and curriculum of millions of people.
    Investing in Costa Rica vs Cayman Islands Real Estate Which is Better

    Investing in Costa Rica vs. Cayman Islands Real Estate: Which is Better?

    Investing in property is a huge financial decision, and one you need to thoroughly research before you make a decision
    Forex Trading in Costa Rica

    Forex Trading in Costa Rica

    How to become a successful Forex Trader, and how important is the strategy? In this article, we will provide steps to kick start your Forex trading journey in Costa Rica

    Costa RicanWill Extend Special Migrant Vaccination After Agreement of the National Vaccination Commission

    The Costa Rican Social Security Fund (CCSS) will maintain the special days of vaccination against Covid-19 to the irregular migrant population residing in the...

    Why Is Costa Rica Known as “The Green Country”?

    For over 20 years, Costa Rica’s has set itself a goal: to make tourism the cornerstone of its sustainability... And it has achieved it!...

    Why Is Costa Rica the Country of ‘Pura Vida’?

    There is, in Central America, a little piece of paradise with its own name: Costa Rica. With its exuberant nature, its precious culture, its...

    What You Should Take Into Account Before Moving To Another Country

    Of course, it is clear that if you have considered moving to another country, the fundamental reasons must be to obtain a better quality...

    Why Is Costa Rica the Family Destination par Excellence?

    In the world atlas, Costa Rica is seen as a small country. But do not be fooled: once on the ground, it is a whole continent due to the rich biodiversity it presents

    Costa Rica: The Greenest and Happiest Country In The World

    Costa Rica is a small country, with an average income and a prosperous standard of living. It is known for the expression "Pura Vida"...
    Your Dream of Relocating to Costa Rica is Now at Your Grasp with the New “Digital Nomad” Special Visa

    Your Dream of Relocating to Costa Rica is Now at Your Grasp with the...

    The recently passed law that grants visas to digital nomads in Costa Rica allows foreign nationals along with their families to live and work there for a year (extendable), while enjoying the country's laid-back 'Pura Vida' way of life and its wide range of well-being benefits
    Exciting Holiday Destinations in Central and Southern America

    Exciting Holiday Destinations in Central and Southern America

    The southern half of the Western Hemisphere has long been an alluring holiday destination
    Adrenaline Index The best countries for thrill seekers

    Adrenaline Index: The best countries for thrill seekers

    There are plenty of reasons we all go camping. And, while for some, a walk to the pub and a morning coffee by the campfire is as thrilling as it gets, for adrenaline junkies, camping is about seeking out wild spots and finding those activities that really get the pulse racing
    Nine Reasons Why You Will Love to Live in Costa Rica

    Nine Reasons Why You Will Love to Live in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is a young, thriving, cosmopolitan nation that opens its arms to the world and wants to show you what makes it a unique place.

    Costa Rica, the Ideal Country for Wellness Tourism

    Tourism is one of the most important economic activities in Costa Rica, a country that before the pandemic received nearly three million people each...
    8 Tips You Should Take into Account Before Relocating to Costa Rica

    8 Tips You Should Take into Account Before Relocating to Costa Rica

    Whether it is for work, or for studies, for a certain time or permanently, relocating to Costa Rica is a great decision and a somewhat complicated step to take
    8 Things you Need to Know for Post-Pandemic Travel

    8 Things you Need to Know for Post-Pandemic Travel

    One thing we all have to accept is that travel after the pandemic will never be the same again

    From Costa Rica to Hollywood

    Costa Rica is a beautiful country on its four sides. At the same time, it is a land that has harvested important achievements in...
    Find Out How You Can Save A Lot Of Money When Sending An International Transfer From The United States To Costa Rica

    Find Out How You Can Save A Lot Of Money When Sending An International...

    When you need to send money to a loved one abroad, the last thing you want to do is navigate a potentially complicated and expensive process

    How Business Practices in Costa Rica Differ from the US

    Just like culture, language, and etiquette, doing business varies from one country to another. Costa Rica offers diverse markets and some of the best business laws in Latin America

    “Pura Vida”: A Phrase That Makes the Idiosyncrasy of a Great Country

    In our Costa Rica there is a phrase, a proper connotation that manages to encompass what we are (exuberant landscapes, beautiful women and a...
    Which Sports are Popular in Costa Rica

    Which Sports are Popular in Costa Rica?

    Costa Rica is unofficially called the country of happy people. Most of its citizens are satisfied with their lives

    Our Country Is Surrounded by Places Where You Can Have The Dream Photo.

    Costa Rica is full of wonderful places to share with your family, with your partner or friends, and not only that but also capture...

    Costa Rica Proposes World Happiness Day In Order to Visit the Happiest Country in...

    The country of the 'Pura Vida', Costa Rica, proposes to foreign tourists that they visit the happiest country in Latin America and the fifteenth...
    “Costa Rica Real Estate”: The Best Investment For You

    “Costa Rica Real Estate”: The Best Investment For You

    Are you considered investing abroad in residential real estate? Well, now is the right time
    What to Expect When Visiting Costa Rica

    What to Expect When Visiting Costa Rica

    Are you nervous about travelling to Costa Rica for the first time? Do not worry, as we are here to guide you on some of the basics of travelling to this world-class destination

    Costa Rica is classified as the only country in Central America ready to advance...

    Costa Rica has the conditions to move towards the adoption of a personalized health care approach, despite some pending challenges in its objective of...

    Costa Rica, a Global Leader in Renewable Energies

    Our country has been characterized by highlighting its natural beauty in all its splendor, not satisfied with that. Now it becomes the leader in renewable energy

    Costa Rica is the Country Preferred by Americans to Study outside their own Country

    Costa Rica is the country preferred by Americans to study outside their country, according to the report known as Open Doors. And in the...
    Costa Rica Promoting registration of products for the Cannabis and Hemp industry

    Costa Rica: Promoting registration of products for the Cannabis and Hemp industry

    The production and commercialization of derivatives of Cannabis and Hemp are taking their first steps in Costa Rica

    Transculturation, a Phenomenon from which Costa Rica Does Not Escape

    North American ideologies and tendencies had a very significant influence on the daily life of the population, thus causing the devaluation of national identity

    The country will not close again, says President Alvarado

    Despite the upturn in infections, which reach around 70,000 cases and 800 deaths, the president of Costa Rica, Carlos Alvarado, ruled out for the...

    16 Diplomats Refuse to Leave the Country and Lock Their Diplomatic Career

    A group of 16 diplomats from the Foreign Ministry alter the order for an adequate process of rotation and promotion within the Costa Rican...

    Costa Rica’s Car-Free Day

    Every September 22nd -World Car Free Day- is a good day to give your wheels a rest. The event, which first started in Europe...
    Caribbean Coast

    Differences Between Costa Rica’s Pacific and Caribbean Coasts

    Costa Rica is one of only 7 countries in the world that are bathed by both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, each...

    Crime Comparison Between Costa Rica and the United States

      Crime is defined as “an action or omission that constitutes an offense that may be prosecuted by the state and is punishable by law.”...
    Costa Rica loved to expats

    Costa Rica: Hospitable and Expatriate Financier

    One of the mishaps that most affect the people who leave their country to settle in another, is the monetary factor. This is an...

    National Flag of Costa Rica: Why Do We Love It So Much?

    Costa Rica, the country with the most stable democracy on the continent, reveals important and undisclosed details about our beautiful and beloved national flag....

    Costa Rica Condemns Terrorist Attack in New York City

    A sudden attack in New York City, at the heat of Halloween, left at least 8 dead and 12 injured after a van ran...

    Buying or Renting, Fully Furnished or Not?

    When looking for a house, apartment, loft, or any other options that can be found in Costa Rica, an important decision is whether to...
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