“Work From Anywhere”: Is It Possible In Costa Rica?

    Stop “work” being understood as a place where one goes and is, rather, something that is done

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    In the wake of the pandemic, scores of organizations around the world were forced to hastily implement remote work. This as a preventive measure to reduce infections in the workplace.

    Costa Rica was no exception. Although it is true that the decree of the state of national emergency has been repealed, we cannot ignore the fact that many companies and employers have decided to continue implementing remote work, partially or totally.

    It is precisely from this implementation that the idea of ​​going beyond remote work, teleworking or work from home was born. Thus, the possibility of working from anywhere is conceived.

    Work from Anywhere, as it is known in English, is the trend that, hand in hand with technological tools, aims to stop “work” being understood as a place where one goes and is, rather, something that is done.

    Understand the keys to remote work

    Without neglecting the multiple advantages that these new forms of employment bring both for the worker and for the employer, it is equally clear that there are key approaches that must be reviewed.

    This is so that this modality is implemented correctly in our country. Initially, interested in the labor approach, but not downplaying the possible immigration and tax implications. However, the foregoing would not present a major inconvenience when both parties to the employment relationship are within the same territory.

    From the Work from Anywhere trend and considering the fact that Costa Rica has become a destination for international headhunters, minimizing future contingencies for the interested parties.

    Let’s understand the concept of international headhunters in which professionals are hired to carry out work for companies that do not have a physical presence in our country.

    A timely review

    This review must necessarily include the development of principles of a labor nature, such as the protective principle or the principle of primacy of reality, but mainly the principle of territoriality.

    According to this last principle, Costa Rican labor legislation governs work that is carried out within the national territory. And this regardless of whether the company or the worker are not nationals.

    Thus, these new ways of contracting, creating employment and globalizing labor relations also bring with them questions about compliance with social security.

    Likewise, fiscal aspects, guarantees for collaborators, actions within the jurisdiction of each country… just to mention a few elements.

    Our recommendation in this regard definitely includes the need to carry out a multidisciplinary analysis aimed at employers and collaborators. The foregoing for the development of the optimal strategy, which allows being more than a spectator in these trends, through correct and informed participation.

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