What You Should Take Into Account Before Moving To Another Country

    Because this can be one of the most important decisions in a person's life, there are a number of very relevant considerations to take into account before moving to another country. The following article will describe for you some of the things that you may not have considered in your plans to change your nationality or residence

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    Of course, it is clear that if you have considered moving to another country, the fundamental reasons must be to obtain a better quality of life, especially if in doing so you plan to take your family. The direct reasons for the decision to live in another country can be numerous, be it to enjoy a better climate, work, the culture of the place, the costs of living, etc.

    The reality is that in the nature of every person there is always the goal of living better. However, since changing the country of residence and especially nationality is not as simple as in the movies, since each culture represents a very different reality from what we have experienced in the place where we were born, there are some points to consider if what you want is for your expat life to truly be what you expect.

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    We therefore have to make a general review of all those things that will change in our lives in another culture, often in addition to language and cultural barriers. There are small details that could even lead an expatriate to make the decision to return to their home native country. So before selling your house and all your belongings, we recommend that you read this article.

    Before changing home country, think about these aspects:

    Language. Of course this will depend on the country where you want to reside and of course on your command of English, which as we know is the essential language for business, however, in the event that the local language is not one of the ones you speak, It will be necessary that before your trip you take enough time to learn and practice the basics of the language of the country where you will live, remember that usually local people only speak their native language.

    Location. This is a strategic issue when choosing a new country, since moving to a country relatively close to the homeland will facilitate eventual visits to your homeland, either for family reasons or for some business or work relationship. Of course, you do not want to completely disappear from your family or friends, but it may also be a reason that your new location is convenient for you to do business, as in the case of many American expatriates, who live in different parts of the Caribbean.

    Medical service. Among other things, something fundamental to take into account is medical service. In fact, that will help you determine not only the country, but the city where it is better to reside, especially if your health or that of your partner requires specialized care. Evaluate the quality of the medical infrastructure and the cost of each prospect very well.

    Finance. Everything at this point is highly relevant; essentially, why would you want to live in another country if not to enjoy a less expensive life? So, when it comes to finance, everything counts; ranging from taxes, which are usually much lower in many jurisdictions if you are an expatriate, to the cost of consumer items; from the basics such as milk, bread, sugar or coffee, to electronics or furniture. Many times this is come as a surprise to new expats, as the prices of imported items are often significantly higher.

    Earn money. Of course, everything has to do with this, and it is an issue that you should anticipate very well, even if you want to retire and have everything covered, it is always good to consider a plan B, because as I said before, often the cost of living can have surprises that make it higher than we anticipate. So don’t rule out the possibility of making a local investment, or even working. Your financial plan should address this before anything else.

    Lifestyle. Adaptation will be crucial in your new residence. However, we recommend that you find out about the most basic topics. Are you a fan of movies, live music, shopping for a specific brand or watching TV? Find out which of your favorite services and habits will be covered in the country where you want to live, in the Caribbean for example there are many places that despite being beautiful paradises, are on the fringes of the lifestyle to which you might be too accustomed, for On the other hand, cities like Panama have an advanced infrastructure and first class services. Could you get used to spending whole days without electricity or internet?

    Social security. Before making any decision, check up very well what are the general social conditions of the country to which you are going, from the political, religious, to the economic, in all countries there is crime, however there are some that are characterized by being more dangerous than others, within each country there are also high-risk areas and those that guarantee greater security.

    These are the most important elements to take into account before changing country. Of course, there is always the option of backtracking and returning to your native country but consider that the cost of doing so can be quite high, both financially and emotionally. Perhaps the most important advice we can give you is to be as flexible as possible, the more flexible you are the easier your transition will be.

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