What Are NACS and the Impact on National Sovereignty of Costa Rica

    Costa Rica is the only country in the world that has lent itself to a pilot plan, in collaboration with IEG (Independent Evaluation Group) together with the Rockefeller Foundation

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    I have been waiting for information published in Costa Rica about the Natural Asset Class (NAC)… However, it seems to be an issue that has gone unnoticed in our country. Nor has any deputy called for dialogue about something so important for the country.

    The reason for this article is to report a bit about what is being woven behind the scenes, since Costa Rica is the only country in the world that has agreed to a pilot plan, in collaboration with IEG (Independent Evaluation Group) together with the Rockefeller Foundation. Yes, the same owner of the University of Chicago that was very popular in the 1970s, and the architects of putting Pinochet in power. Also the same one that together with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is part of the GAVI Foundation, the Alliance for Vaccines.

    The secrecy on this issue or its ignorance in the Legislative Assembly is worrisome, which has been characterized by its ineffectiveness in recent months – while they propose bills so that children can change their sex, forcing the CCSS to do so. Yes, those who defend the CCSS so much come up with such a disastrous idea, not only for the finances of the CCSS but also for the future of children and youth.

    A new perspective in the valuation and management of natural resources

    Returning to the topic, NACs have emerged as a new perspective in the valuation and management of natural resources (during the pandemic, water became publicly traded). These financial instruments seek to assign an economic value to natural assets, recognizing their importance and promoting their conservation. However, in the case of Costa Rica, the NACs’ approach has raised concerns regarding the country’s sovereignty, especially due to its association with the Rockefeller Foundation.

    Costa Rica is known for its rich biodiversity and its commitment to protecting the environment. Through its focus on conservation, the country has established national parks and reserves, becoming a world benchmark in this field. In this context, the Rockefeller Foundation has collaborated with Costa Rica to implement the NAC approach in the management of its natural resources.

    Eroding Costa Rica’s sovereignty

    NACs focus on assigning a monetary value to ecosystems and the environmental services they provide. This approach seeks to promote private investment in the conservation and generation of economic benefits from nature. However, this approach could erode Costa Rica’s sovereignty.

    Promoting the privatization of natural resources

    One of the concerns lies in the possibility that the NACs promote the privatization of natural resources. By assigning an economic value to natural assets, there is a risk that commercial exploitation of these resources by private entities will be allowed, jeopardizing conservation and state control over them.

    Furthermore, by relying heavily on private investment, Costa Rica could find itself in a position of subservience to the financial interests and agendas of companies participating in NAC-supported projects. This could undermine the country’s ability to make autonomous decisions regarding environmental management and prioritize the interests of its citizens and its natural heritage.

    Although the NACs represent an opportunity to value and conserve natural resources, it is essential that Costa Rica carefully evaluate the possible impacts on its sovereignty. It is necessary to establish clear control mechanisms and citizen participation in the implementation of these financial instruments. In this way, Costa Rica will be able to take advantage of the benefits of the NACs without compromising its sovereignty and its ability to protect and preserve its natural wealth for future generations.

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