“I Want to Move to Another Country”: 6 Useful Tips For Migrants

    Debunking the many myths and half-truths about immigration

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    It has happened to all of us at some point, but when we decide to leave, cross borders and seek other horizons, our hearts become small. Will I achieve it? As an immigrant it is normal to be afraid, because immigrating implies challenges and sacrifices that not everyone wants to experience.

    There are many myths and truths about immigration, and although nobody gives us the secret to be successful when migrating, never forget to pack and take these tips to prepare you to be a resident of another country.

    Tip #1: Set Goals

    This is one of the things you should do before migrating. Why do you want to migrate? Where can I emigrate? Your objectives will dictate where to immigrate to achieve what you are looking for faster and easier. Make a list and ask yourself questions that you answer at the same time. If you want to go study in that country, find out which universities offer the degree you want to study and what the requirements are. If you want to start a business, find out what the market is like where you want to go. Do not leave with your suitcase, your passport and no objectives.

    Tip #2: Live Your Grief Without Shutting Down

    Emigrating is feeling sad and missing every day. Over time you will get used to it, and you will enjoy the advantages of immigrating. But don’t force yourself, or close yourself off. For no immigrant, things are rosy. When I was 17 years old, I was an immigrant, from one pole of the world to another, and I give you this advice: things will not be easy, but they will not always be like that. Do not close yourself to living your day to day for missing your land. Enjoy those video calls and don’t run away from your emotions, but don’t stop making friends because you miss the ones you already have.

    Tip #3: Focus on Living Well

    One of the most important things you must do when immigrating is to be a good citizen. Avoid conflicts, misunderstandings, lost papers, speeding tickets or lawsuits. Bottom line: make sure the government doesn’t target you. Make your payments, keep your papers current and work legally.

    Integrate into the culture and comply with the laws of that country. Immigrating implies knowing that we will not be comfortable with all the laws or actions of this place, but we decided to go there voluntarily: we have no choice, don’t you think? Live well, this will give you a certain green light status in the migratory flow and thus it is much easier to aspire to legal residence or citizenship: having a clean record.

    Tip #4: Don’t Limit Yourself

    A piece of advice, and perhaps a reminder, is not to limit yourself. The phrase “I was not born for this” ceased to exist. As immigrants, we never know what can benefit us and even become our source of income. Push yourself. Immigrating is looking for new opportunities, not that we will like all of them. Keep an open mind. Do not think about turning down a job because you have never done it, do not stop making friends because they are of another religion. You are in a new country. Start from scratch with everything!

    Tip #5: Open Up To a New Culture

    New country and same you? Nothing to do. Dare yourself! Meet new people, eat different food, make habits that you did not have in your country of origin. To immigrate is to dare, if you left everything, aren’t you going to give it all?

    Perhaps you always liked running and never did it due to insecurity in your country, or you always wanted to dare to practice a sport that is not encouraged in your country.

    Tip #6: Humility and desire

    We are immigrants, and although that does not mean putting up with mistreatment or abuse, we must remember that it is another country, for better and for worse. We migrate from Latin American countries in which the social strata rule, or where we believe we are better for having studied at a university, or for having a well-known last name. Here it is not worth saying “I did not study for that” or “that is not for me”. No matter how many bad times you may go through, you have to keep your head up to keep looking up, where our goals are.


    A lot, so keep your expectations low, to surprise you instead of disappointing you. Culture clashes will always be there: avoid taking things personally and don’t compare: your country of origin and your new country will never be the same.

    These are my tips for migrants, as a migrant and as a nomad. I may be missing many, but these are essential tips that you should keep in mind when migrating. You want to go? Where are you going?

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