Costa Rica Is the Second Best Country to Settle as an Expatriate in the World

    Expats feel totally at home in the local Costa Rican culture

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    Costa Rica is second only to Mexico among expatriates for its ease of settling down, making friends and even ranked in the top places for the best quality of life. It is the second best for finding a partner, according to InterNations which included 191 nations.

    Leaving a country to find new opportunities in other nations with a different culture and very different people is not usually easy, but sometimes it is necessary to achieve the professional and personal goals we set for ourselves.

    In its study The World Through Expat Eyes prepared by InterNations – an organization dedicated to connecting expatriates from all parts of the world – the organization highlighted which are the main nations that meet the requirements to settle, work, make a career and even start a family as expatriates.

    The study was based on interviews with more than 14,000 expatriates of 174 nationalities and 191 countries who shared their views on the places where they work and live.

    The following five charts of the 10 nations cover the biggest concerns of people leaving their country and where Costa Rica ranks among so-called expatriates. About eight out of 10 expats feel at home in the local Costa Rican culture. At least four out of 10 are completely satisfied at this point. Nearly 9 out of 10 expatriates are happy with the local warmth of their population, as 59% considered it very good. In the world, only 26% are completely satisfied with this point.

    1. The best countries to settle

    Despite some security and education problems, Mexico remained for the third consecutive year as the best country to establish residence for expatriates, considering that the Aztec nation is the best place to meet friends and feel welcome, even though the country slightly lowered in the rating of friendliness and language.

    Costa Rica had been in sixth place for six consecutive years, but moved up to second place this year. Uganda is considered a friendly country, its only limitation is to adapt to the local culture.

    2. The best places to live outside your country

    Taking the quality of life of each nation as a reference (when considering variables such as leisure options, personal happiness, transportation and travel, health and well-being, as well as security), the list is headed by Taiwan, Austria and Japan.

    Although nine out of 10 expatriates living in Taiwan said they were happy with the decision to settle on the peaceful island, none considered the climate or the ambiguous political system as factors in establishing their residence in this Asian country. In the case of Austria, its clean air and its health system were decisive, and in Japan its transportation system and its stable environment predominated as goodness. Costa Rica is number one in Personal Happiness, and number three in options for fun.

    3. The best destinations to start a family

    Finland, the Czech Republic and Israel are considered by expatriates as the best countries to start a family, especially to have children. The study considered the availability and cost of child care and education, the quality of studies, and family well-being.

    Finland is considered the best place for it, as it was in first place in three of the four study items (the only one that was not well rated was in family well-being, which was in fourth position due to the fact that in the satisfaction of parents are in a distant place 25). In 2015 this nation was in second place overall.

    4. Where you can find a match

    Malta, Costa Rica, New Zealand and Mexico are the main nations where expatriates can find a romantic partner, although this list changes if we take into account the gender that was interviewed.

    For the women who left their country, Taiwan, Ecuador, Malta and also Mexico, are the nations where they feel satisfied to establish a sentimental relationship; while for expatriate men Taiwan, Cyprus, New Zealand and Mexico are the countries they consider the best to find a partner.

    5. Those who have the best conditions to work

    This segment is dominated by the main economies of the world, where factors such as job security, the balance between life as an employee and secular and where you can find a job to build a career influenced Luxembourg, Taiwan and Germany to top the list. In the case of Luxembourg, its financial sector as the most popular option among expatriates where 31 percent selected this destination to pursue a career in the financial sector and in its public sector. While Taiwan was seen as a place where job satisfaction can be achieved, while Germany consolidated in third place for job security.

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