Costa Rica Begins Study of Elevated Train of Pneumatic Propulsion 100% ZERO EMISSIONS

    The total project would have 6 train lines, to connect in its first phase the Juan Santamaría International Airport with the main train terminals and buses in Alajuela

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    Today began the process of geotechnical drilling in the province of Alajuela, which will be the basis for the Feasibility Study in order to install the First Integral System of Elevated Train of Pneumatic Propulsion 100% zero emissions for Mass Transportation of People. The project is an initiative of the Costa Rican Railway Institute (INCOFER) and the Alajuela Mayor’s Office, entities that gave their endorsement to the company MOVILISA HOLDING, to find a way to offer a sustainable, clean, zero-emission, safe mobility and economicoption, to all the inhabitants of the province.

    The first drilling was carried out next to the railway line of the Old Customs INVU Las Cañas, using state-of-the-art machinery, which guarantees high technical precision for the analysis of the subsoil, essential in a seismic country, so that the results are the most accurate and safe. The activity was attended by Mr. Humberto Soto Herrera, Mayor of Alajuela, who commented on the urgent need for the province and the country in general “to have an agile, safe, ecological and low-cost transport system, which solves the growing problems of road congestion that we suffer. Hence, our effort in this project that we consider to be of interest to the province”.

    Also present were Eng. Carlos Adolfo Ávila, Vice Minister of Transportation of the Ministry of Public Works and Transportation (MOPT), as well as representatives of INCOFER, deputies from the province of Alajuela Olga Lidia Morera, Luis Diego Vargas, DinorahBarquero, Leslye Ruben Bojorges, Jose Pablo Sibaja. On behalf of the company MOVILISA HOLDING, Lic.HumbertoUreña Alfaro, representative of the company, and Eng. Eduardo Chrysostomo, a Brazilian specialist, were present.

    About the study

    “The Feasibility Study is a cooperation agreement between the company and Costa Rican government entities, under the legal criteria of a donation, but which MOVILISA HOLDING assumes as an investment in the country to publicize this state-of-the-art technology at a regional and national level. It will last approximately four months and with this we hope that the feasibility of building the Pneumatic Propulsion Elevated Train will be a reality by 2024”, indicated Ureña.

    Resources ready

    “This project already has resources for its construction, in addition to real financing interest from soft funds for future developments in the country, especially since Costa Rica is conceived internationally as a sustainable and ecological economy and our system offers a 100% ZERO EMISSIONS mass transportation alternative. This study is to put our technology on the horizon of Costa Rica, since traditional mass transportation systems require very high investments in road infrastructure, expropriations, maintenance, a high operating cost and permanent subsidies, in addition to the fact that there is no more surface space in cities to achieve sustainable, modern and safe mobility for citizens and with an affordable rate”, added Ureña.

    Feasibility studies are carried out in accordance with the current regulations of the Ministry of Planning (MIDEPLAN). The final objective is to have the technical and economic framework to carry out the project in its entirety and thus have an innovative transport system, with high security and totally zero emissions.

    MOVILISA HOLDING provides the only mass transportation system for people that have an international type 4 certification (aeronautical level). This includes that the geotechnical characteristics of the subsoil are also taken into account in order to guarantee the good behavior of all its structures and operation within the particular seismicity conditions of Costa Rica.

    “We are sure that as we develop our technology, we will demonstrate the benefits that it brings together, for the benefit of all the inhabitants of the country, improving their quality of life. In addition, we have the best professionals in the field, together with experts from MOPT, INCOFER, and the Municipality of Alajuela who will accompany us in the process”, added Ureña.

    “It should be noted that this is not a pneumatic train, nor does it use tires; It is a train that travels on an innovative system of suspended rails that avoids the production of noise and vibrations, it moves by the pneumatic action of low air pressure through a duct and does not use any type of rubber in its bearing syste”, concluded the representative of Movilisa Holding.

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