We cannot always have a month or even a week of vacation. However, a nature excursion outside the city to break the routine. Breathing fresh air and disconnecting from the busy world. So here we take the opportunity to tell you more about a tour of La Paz Waterfall. In a single day, you can retake the energy that nature emanates.


La Paz Waterfall is located in Vara Blanca de Heredia. It is a survivor of the Cinchona earthquake of 2013, which destroyed roads and communities near the Poas Volcano. It was restored and a wildlife refuge was created. Here we can appreciate the natural beauty of the country’s cloud forest, felines, birds, monkeys, amphibians, snakes and orchids.

It is a waterfall of extraordinary beauty due to the natural environment in which it is located, there are two small and one large imposing fall that is already visible on the banks of the road that leads to it harmonizing with a wooden structure bridge considered a work of art. A structure of trails and viewpoints has been developed in some places, which allows us to appreciate an extraordinary natural landscape, between forest, river, waterfall, and wildlife

A natural paradise

The sound of splendid waterfalls, the flight of 24 species of hummingbirds and a garden full of orchids are some of the tourist attractions that La Paz has. With 72 hectares of the forest, the basic tour lasts around two hours. There are four kilometers of trails made with cement tiles and with safety railings. Also, for the elderly, some borders allow them to make the journey much easier, which is why the destination can be enjoyed by children, adults and also seniors.

A dream place.

The waterfall area is a private biological reserve. It is located in Vara Blanca and belongs to the province of Alajuela. This tour to the La Paz waterfall has a traditional stop and that is a restaurant that has varied and delicious food. We suggest you buy strawberries with chocolate and condensed milk along the way since the premises have lots of strawberries stands.

The walk to La Paz waterfall is an unforgettable experience to share with family, friends or couples.

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