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    In Costa Rica, there are innumerable tourist attractions for all those visitors who plan a different day. For that reason today we will talk a little more about the wonderful and captivating Corcovado National Park, which makes us live a dream world with each of its natural attractions and unsurpassed beauty. The same for us Ticos is a huge pride because we have the blessing that in our country there are attractions as they have it.

    A bit of its creation

    The Parque Nacional Corcovado was created in the year 1975 with the purpose of protecting and safeguarding the region where the gold prospectors were at that time. This wonderful park is located in the Osa Peninsula. In the south-west part of the country. It is a park with a great ecological variety for all those who love green nature and is known today as the most biological park in the world.

    To finish highlighting its incredible natural beauty it is important to mention that it is one of the most important natural reserves in Costa Rica. This space tends to surprise visitors from outside because it is the only tropical rain forest in the world. Not only that, it drives its visitors crazy with its exquisite smells and colors, which in turn contains all its wonderfulness, while being there, it seems to be in a dream come true.

    What can the Corcovado National Park offer us?

    It offers its spectacular and deserted beaches that are a gift of nature.

    Its rich natural waterfalls which draws much attention from people and thus increase visitors to our facilities. Everyone to be there expresses their comfort and is always captivated by the good space that this great place has.

    It is one of the best places for tourists to visit and meet a host of animals:

    It is taken as one of the most visited tourist places. In it, you can also find different animals, including the Scarlet Macaw, the Resplendent Quetzal, the Red-eared Tree Toad, and the Tapir, which today is the largest land mammal in Central America and South America. Yes, it is a somewhat secluded park and therefore it is somewhat complicated to attend and enjoy it again and again, but this remoteness has brought the benefit that they have never been able to touch, in the sense that they have not been able to mistreat their ecosystems and their beautiful spaces.

    Great varieties of ecosystems that Corcovado Park presents:

    Puma, one of the mammal species that you may watch in Corcovado National Park

    It currently has thirteen different ecosystems: these are the main ones, among which we can find what are jolillo palm groves, herbaceous swamps of fresh water, marshy mangroves and lowland rainforests. There lives the Squirrel Mico Harbor and the Happy Eagle. This park has approximately forty-one thousand hectares, these give a good protection to much more than one hundred and forty species of mammals, four hundred species of birds, twenty of them are endemic, it also protects one hundred and sixteen species of reptiles and amphibians, forty of fish and about five hundred species of trees. Other animals that we can observe in Corcovado are the arrow toad, this is poisonous, we can also find indigenous wild cats, crocodiles, pumas, four different species of sea turtles and jaguars

    How many do you inhabit the Corcovado National Park?

    The park consists of eight habitats in the park, one of them is the rain forest, followed by the tall forest, the cloud forest, alluvial lowlands, marsh, among other habitats … This is the right place to study the animals that They are poisonous like snakes and frogs.

    Does the climate of the Corcovado Park vary?

    Its climate is very humid and most of the time it rains almost all year round, but in spite of it, you can make a wonderful walk through that vegetation, which ends with large and beautiful beaches.

    You can appreciate endless wildlife

    Corcovado National Park. The greatest biodiversity in Costa Rica

    Among its wildlife, you can find other animals, such as macaws, tapirs, squirrel monkeys, and Macao. Everyone who visits it will be able to experience a great adventure all the nature that this one shows us, will be pleased with so many beauties that you can find and visualize. There are excursions, there are four ranger stations and you can make a very nice tour around the park to see the different wild animals that surround it, its vegetation and its great fauna

    Recommendation to tour the Corcovado National Park

    To be able to visit it, it is necessary to hire a service from a guide person, since it is not allowed to visit it on our own.
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