4 Great Workout Routines For An Exerpeutic 1000xI Machine


The Exerpeutic 1000XI is easy on the joints and offers great cardio as well as total-body workout. However, spending so much time on the elliptical machine can be pretty dreary and repetitive. Rather than spending a mindless 30 minutes on it, try maximizing your time by performing any of the following four workouts instead. Looking for a high-intensity interval exercise or just need to challenge various muscle groups? Relax, there’s an elliptical workout for you.

Beginner Elliptical Workout

If you are new to the exerpeutic 1000XI Elliptical machine, you may want to try out the beginner workout. It utilizes all the various machine features, giving you a clear idea of what it can actually do: going backward targets your hamstrings and booty while pedaling forward works your quads. Focus on pulling the handles to work your upper back, and pushing the handles will work your chest. Letting go of the handles and keeping your pace steady is ones of the best ways to challenge your body’s overall stability. 

Booty Workout 

Target your glutes plus hamstrings by playing with the incline available on the exerpeutic 1000XI. This elliptical booty workout plays an important role in toning your backside whilst also giving you an excellent cardio workout. While on the machine, focus on keeping your heels as low as possible.

Short on Time

For those who don’t have so much time, the short interval workout could be an incredible choice. It only lasts for 22 minutes, including warmup plus cooldown as well as really short and effective intervals. Utilizing quick intervals makes the exercise intensity and is perfect for burning calories.

One way to shorten your recovery time is to reduce the amount of rest time between the bouts of sprinting. By doing this, you’re boosting your aerobic threshold and strengthening that cardiovascular system of yours. Sounds great? Then try out this interval shrinking recovery workout.

Whole Body 

This is a 30-minute workout that targets your entire body whilst also increasing your heart rate. If you want less stress on your joints while also conditioning your heart, lower body, as well as upper body, this workout could be an incredible option for you. It provides low-impact, without the bone-jarring experience you’d get by walking or running on a treadmill. Besides, it’s easier on the hips and knees but it’s as well weight bearing, hence helping you build strong bones, muscles, plus connective tissue.

To effectively work your core when exercising on the elliptical, try letting go. Not utilizing the machine’s handles will help engage all your central muscles as you strive to stay balanced on the elliptical. The quicker you go, the harder you’ll work your core. Working your entire body means that you’ll burn more calories/fats while getting some extra bang for your buck.

The Bottom Line

An Exerpeutic 100XI is a form of stationary exercise machine that’s commonly used to simulate walking/running without exerting too much pressure on your joints. Elliptical workouts are convenient for beginners as well as physically active people. The machine offers exceptional health benefits and helps you burn more calories within a short period of time. 


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