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    With its stunning landscape, vibrant cities, and welcoming people, there is no reason why Canada should not be on the bucket list of every tourist.

    Canada is the largest nation in North America and Mother Nature has blessed it with dense forests, spacious land, and breathtaking coastlines. This beautiful country is home to a number of multicultural communities, which adds to its rich culture.

    However, if you are planning a memorable trip to Canada, you would first want to make sure that your country is listed among the Canada eta eligible countries. If you are a foreign national from the U.S. or a visa-exempt country, an eta i.e. a travel authorization would allow you to stay in Canada for up to 6 months.

    After you get an eta within a few days, you can then plan a Canada trip long enough to visit all the top tourist attractions. Canada is a huge country and you would want to make a list of to-visit- places beforehand to make sure you do not miss out on any place worth visiting.

    Here are the best of the best tourist attractions in Canada where nationals of Canada eta eligible countries can have the time of their life!

    1.     Quebec City

    You say Quebec City, we hear a cheaper alternative to Europe!

    If you have always dreamt about visiting a historic European village, Quebec with its impressive French architecture, language, and charming heritage can give you the exact vibes at a cheaper cost.

    Quebec City
    Quebec city

    While the horse carriages and historic buildings will take you back into the 17th and 18th centuries, the modern restaurants, nightclubs, and funky ambiance will give you a taste of zest. You can roam around the streets and expect the aromas of espresso and freshly baked bread to give you a sensual experience.

    2.     Vancouver

    If your country is among the Canada eta eligible countries, you would want to spend a part of your Canada trip exploring Vancouver. This magical city is famous for its scenic mountain views and a fascinating coastline.

    Vancouver city
    Vancouver city

    To treat your thrill-seeking side, Vancouver offers some of the best adventurous options from swimming in the ocean and snow skiing in the mountains to rollerblading all at one place!

    3.     Niagara Falls

    Niagara falls trip
    Niagara falls

    Niagara Falls is world famous for making couple trips romantic and family trips super fun. The variety of entertainment options has made this place the ultimate favorite of all regardless of their age. In addition to the ravishing sights and mind-blowing falls, this site is a must-visit place for the plethora of exciting activities that it offers. You can go camping, golfing, and shopping, visit museums and theatres, and enjoy cruising and live music to make your Canada trip extraordinarily fun.

    4.     Toronto

    Toronto is known as ‘Canada’s Wonder of the World’ for a good reason!

    The main Toronto attraction is a highly celebrated tower called the CN Tower, which offers an exhilarating walk at the country’s wild side. It also features a revolving gourmet restaurant where you can enjoy mouthwatering treats while looking at some of the most alluring views.

    Toronto City
    Toronto city

    Not only this, Toronto can be the best place to explore if your country is one of the Canada eta eligible countries for its unlimited attractions, including shopping, dining, arts, sports, galleries, and theatres. Indeed a buzzing metropolis, Toronto is home to such diverse cultures that it will transport you across the world.

    You can check if your home country is one of the Canada eta eligible countries to get the chance to enjoy in Canada and discover the specialties of each tourist attraction for half a year!

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