150 Costa Rican Engineers Participated in the Development of the World’s Fastest Mobile Processor

    Products that will be on the world market thanks to Costa Rican talent

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    Some 150 Costa Rican engineers from Intel Costa Rica participated in the development of the new products presented by the company at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that began this Wednesday in Las Vegas. It is the largest technology event in the world, which returns to the United States in its in-person mode. There large firms such as Intel, Apple, Google and Microsoft offered their news in a virtual way before the rebound in cases of covid-19 on US soil.

    Tico talent present

    On the first day of CES 2022, Intel revealed 28 new 12th Generation Intel Core mobile processors, which are up to 40% faster than the previous generation of mobile processors, the firm said.

    Among them the Intel Core i9-12900HK, which is considered “the fastest mobile processor in history,” the company added in a statement. It is a version designed especially for gamers.

    These products will be on the world market thanks to Costa Rican talent. This is because a group of engineers participated in the design of the hardware. They  also were involved in building software solutions, which are used by OEMs to design and validate their products.


    From the plant that Intel has in La Ribera de Belén, Heredia, the so-called “life cycle” of each of the ideas that the company develops in technology innovation is carried out.

    Concept, feasibility, execution, production and post-production. These five steps are the basis for the creation of technological processors, which can take years to produce.

    The subject of post-production is made exclusively on national soil. From here the product and the process are analyzed to make improvements in security and characteristics for the next generations.

    In July of last year, Intel Costa Rica announced that it increased the investment announced in our country in December 2020 from $ 350 million to $ 600 million. The growth in investments was due to the decision to accelerate the ramp of assembly and test operations to support new demands from its customers.

    Also to respond to the growth of existing operations in the country. The manufacturing area alone will be 26,000 square meters, 11,000 more than originally planned. The increase in investment allowed the hiring of at least 1,000 people directly and 500 jobs indirectly on Costa Rican soil.

    More jobs

    Last October, the transnational company announced that it would be hiring around 300 people during the last quarter of last year. “We are talking about 300 open positions in Mexico and a similar number in Costa Rica for all the operations that we have there for the remainder of the year,” said the company through its headquarters.

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