Ingenuity And Solidarity Are the Values That Costa Rica Needs to Retake

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    At the end of the day we should ask ourselves three questions: What did I do wrong? What did I do right? What can I do better? Thus, we would keep a record of our thoughts, feelings and actions, to be more instead of having more.

    After two years of suffering the devastating effects of Covid-19, and its wake of more than half a million infected people and almost 7,400 deaths, the country received a devastating impact on the fibers that have united it for 200 years: human values.

    The closing of 2021 did not leave us many positive aspects, on the contrary, the economy was left in rubble due to the absurd and compulsory confinement to which the government subjected us.

    It will be private companies, with the help of all Costa Ricans, that will roll up their sleeves and with ingenuity – and a lot of sacrifice – once again generate wealth so that Costa Rica continues to be a free, prosperous and peaceful country.

    We can recover the previous socioeconomic indices as long as we preserve human values, which as a society, have distinguished us for 200 years, when our ancestors founded this nation in 1821.

    The deadliest virus that exists is the one that attacks human values

    The symptoms of this social pandemic are clear: corruption, lies, irrationality, intolerance, fear, hopelessness and self-centeredness, the worst disease of the human soul.

    We are at the dawn of a new year and the list of good resolutions should be headed by values ​​such as: solidarity, respect, honesty, justice, industriousness, simplicity, responsibility, to name the most urgent to rescue.

    Only in this way can we overcome the abyss of inequality, where unscrupulous rulers led us, with ideologies strange to our way of being, and determined to plunder the public coffers for themselves and their dangerous friends.

    Elections in the crosshairs

    In a few weeks, we Costa Ricans will make a momentous decision: elect a president and 57 deputies, who will set the course for the country for four years and their designs will impact the future of the entire nation.

    Let’s think about who we will choose and what kind of person he/she is. It’s okay to calibrate their academic records, career, and experience; but beyond these data we must glimpse the human being.

    The turn of Latin America towards extremist governments, of any sign, with dehumanized and intolerant ideologies, willing to lead the individual to moral ruin in order to impose their beliefs and insane customs, worries me.

    Values ​​are the compass of life; they mark the correct course for each person and for society; to strengthen them we must know and practice them; Only in this way can we regain hope, faith and trust in this year.

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