What Happens to Your Health When You Eat…?

    Pros and Cons of Some Common Types of Foods

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    Too many myths revolve around this carbohydrate. Although it is true that its excessive consumption is harmful, the same applies to everything else in life. You should know that a sip of sugar is equivalent to 18 calories a day in a balanced diet.

    White bread

    By refining flour to achieve this kind of bread, many minerals are lost in the process. Eating this type of carbohydrate contributes to the development of several common diseases such as constipation, large intestine cancer, diverticulitis, and appendicitis. In addition, a low-fiber diet can cause heart problems.

    Whole milk

    It has a lot of calcium, vitamins, and minerals. However, if you are looking to lose weight, we recommend trying one with a lower fat content.

    Fatty cheese

    There are endless types and varieties of cheese, but most of them have a very high-fat content and a concentration of saturated fats harmful to the body. If you are overweight or have a high cholesterol level, opt for fresh cheeses.


    It is made from vegetable fats such as coconut, palm, sunflower, corn and soybean oils that are subjected to a process of hydrogenation and hardening for better presentation, it has a high content of trans fatty acids which can cause blockage to the arteries.

    Rye bread

    This type of food is rich in fiber, which promotes bowel movements. However, it also has a non-digestible fiber layer that delays the digestive process. This gives a feeling of fullness for longer periods.

    Gluten-free cookies

    Gluten is a substance with a great nutritional value that provides many proteins and few carbohydrates. Despite their qualities, some people suffer from a celiac disease that makes them intolerant of this protein. For them, there are created alternate versions of foods containing gluten (pasta, cereal, flour, bread).

    Different food groups

    Sugar supplement

    Consume them only as a supplement to a balanced diet. Some substitutes contain aspartame which, when consumed excessively, generate changes in the metabolism that affect liver and brain.


    It is a product derived from legumes with a protein content equal to that of cow’s cheese. It does not contain milk cholesterol or saturated fats, either.


    It is the fat extract of cow’s milk, so it mainly contains saturated fats. If consumed in excess it can raise the levels of malignant cholesterol in the blood. However, butter also provides vitamins A, D, and E. So, in small quantities, it does not hurt.

    Herbs and spices

    They are not harmful, but they are not extra healthy, either. Not only do they add flavor to foods, but they also have components that fight disease and slow down bacteria that cause food poisoning. Although we cannot depend on herbs and spices to protect us from disease, they can be used as a seasoning, and have little fat or sodium calories. A little cinnamon in your cappuccino will make it sweeter, even if it has no sugar.


    Bran oatmeal is the best for combating cholesterol. Add it to all the foods you eat and assure its benefits. Oats can decrease the cholesterol if you consume 3 servings a day as part of your diet. The fiber of oats helps control weight. Those who consume oatmeal at breakfast eat less food at lunchtime. Bran oat flakes are good choices, but eating them at breakfast will not change the effect of consuming coffee with milk.


    Green tea is good to fight diseases, so make it a favorite drink. Green tea is good but so is black tea. Its antioxidants help the body maintain healthy cells and tissues. People who consume it are less at risk for heart disease and cancer. It increases bone density and stimulates weight loss. To obtain better benefits, leave the tea bag in boiled water for a few minutes. It can make your body absorb less iron if you suffer from anemia. We recommended that you consume it only between meals.


    The yolks of the eggs are the most saturated natural source of bad cholesterol, it is recommended to eat only 3 times a week. Saturated fats are the main culprits that increase cholesterol levels. The yolk contains a pigment that prevents the loss of sight.

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