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    The Whole Truth About Eggs: Three Myths That Are Far From Reality

    Eggs contain many nutrients, but there are even more myths surrounding this product. Are they worth believing? Here we will try to clarify it

    Arteriosclerosis: A Silent Killer

    Arteriosclerosis is a common disease in our days, which consists of the hardening of the walls of arteries. Preventing it is possible, so following...

    What Happens to Your Health When You Eat…?

    Sugar Too many myths revolve around this carbohydrate. Although it is true that its excessive consumption is harmful, the same applies to everything else in...

    The WHO Launches Plan to Eliminate Trans-Fats from Food in the World

    The World Health Organization (WHO) launched on Monday morning a global strategy to eliminate the use of trans-fats in the food industry, restaurants, and...

    Cholesterol Also Increases Alzheimer’s Risk

    The cholesterol found in the brain acts as a catalyst that triggers the formation of beta-amyloid plaques. A new study conducted by the University...
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