A Healthy Diet: What Is And What Is Not Recommendable

Lunar Diet

If sometimes you feel that mercury dawned on you and that nothing you do helps loose those extra pounds, then try the so-called Moon Diet.

Based on chronobiology, a science that studies the rhythms and biological cycles of the human being, this diet is based on the influence that the lunar phases have on the water the human body contains, that is why the liquid fast is its fundamental component.

It is about fasting (abstain from eating) in the lunar phases known as New Moon and Full Moon: spend those two days only ingesting plenty of water, some infusions without sugar or natural fruit juices with fructose sweeteners.

On the days of Waning Gibbous and Waning Crescent, “fasting means”  it should be made in addition to liquids, some low-fat soups, fruit or dietary gelatins should be included. It seems like a great astrological sacrifice, but it really is only four days a month that can make a big difference.

Sentence yourself 12 years older

An unhealthy habits make you look older

A US study has found personally guilty, those of us who commit the following four crimes in their lives: smoking, drinking too much alcohol, not exercising and eating badly. The sentence is to look 12 years older than you really are.

The study in question warns that if you eat fruits and vegetables less than three times a day, you run the risk of falling into the self-inflicted crime and then have to suffer all its consequences: look older, be prone to obesity, not to mention the risk of cardiovascular diseases, in addition to the gradual loss of physical skills that are essential for a full and healthy life, including that which takes place in the bedroom.

The study also recommends consuming at least four cups of fruits and vegetables a day, varying according to age and level of physical activity that is performed per week, which also should not total less than three hours.

The Anxiety Killer

If cravings do not let you sleep, you are nervous or dissatisfied, instead of going for your cigar box or your liquor cabinet, eat nuts.

Known as the “golden food,” they are nutrient concentrates, that nutritionists often forget and do not put in the place they deserve.

They contain up to 25% protein, are rich in good fats, are natural sources of fiber, vitamins, calcium, magnesium and folic acid, have antioxidant properties and also taste good. What more can you ask for those bad nights.

Very strange for eating and loving

Drinking a cup of cobra blood can be an exotic experience for many, even completely unthinkable, but for men in China, it is much less than extravagant: it is an aphrodisiac.

Traditional oriental medicine has a large and historical repertoire of consumables that enhance sexual activity; the slime that the eel secretes when touched or the duck eggs that contain a partially formed fetus, are consumed in Asia almost like if it were popcorn!

The Spanish fly, the blowfish (careful, it is poisonous if not processed), the flesh of the wolf, the penis of the tiger and the horns of the rhino are other of the rarest aphrodisiacs in the world. So, when you`re relaxing on a Venezuelan beach and hear the traditional eating offers of  “mattress breaker “, “come back to life”, “tent raiser” and “mother-in-law killer”, do not think it twice and go to the good and very well-known Creole aphrodisiac experience.

Certified by science

In a sexual relationship of 20 minutes you lose about 150 calories, the same amount you can lose by jogging or going up the stairs.

Dark chocolate is good for increase serotonin levels

But if you are going to decide for this pleasurable physical activity to lose a little weight, you need to include in your diet a group of foods that are essential for maintaining and improving your performance.

The proteins found in eggs, meats and legumes help increase testosterone levels; the omega 3 oils of fish are also fundamental; add to this small amounts of dark chocolate and carbohydrates, and do not forget the fruits and vegetables that control serotonin levels and, therefore, balance sexual desire as well as regulate appetite: smart, a healthy and balanced diet whose benefits are wide-reaching.

Some things are small

We are already in the spring and nothing better for this time year than a good detoxification through a specific diet. The options for this are multiple, but there is one that has more and more followers: the oatmeal Diet, follow it for five days to cleanse and purify your body of all its toxins.

Do not think otherwise but sometimes good things come in small sizes. Oat flakes, for example, are excellent for lowering cholesterol, and you can even lose four kilos in just five days.

The plan is the following: breakfast, lunch and dinner with a plate of oatmeal prepared with milk or water and always accompanied by fruits (especially strawberries and apples) and vegetables, fresh cheese and nuts, coffee, skim milk and yogurt, tea herbs, vegetable broth and water, lots of water.

There are different combinations of these foods for each of the five days but the important thing is that during this time you stay away from the dessert, carbohydrates and meats, and do not do it so quickly.

5 tricks to lose weight

* If you know you have a sweet tooth, cook just enough so you do not eat too much. Do not fill the dessert fridge or the candy pantry either. The only treat that you can take is the “the small candy you left in the room.”

* For balanced eating the main rule is obvious: do not abuse the amount of hypocaloric foods, especially transgenic.

* Take your time, the so-called speedy diets that promise the loss of many kilos a week, eventually make you regain the lost kilos and put your metabolism out of control.

* Distributing moderate meals five times a day accelerate metabolism, because it forces your body keep activated. Yes, keep portions small.

* Breakfast abundantly, eat all the sweet you want, as long as it is before nine o’clock in the morning after that do not approach them.


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