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    Annual Jaco Costa Rica Fiestas Kicks Off

    The Annual Jaco Costa Rica Fiestas kicked off this year from December 7 - 9, and will continue the weekend of 14th thru to...

    New Survey Ticos Feel More Insecure but are Happy

    The University of Costa Rica (UCR) released the results of the survey "News 2012", which showed that 59.7% of Costa Ricans feel that insecurity...

    Costa Rica: Land of Wonders

    “Costa Rica: Land of Wonders” is the name of the archeological Pre-Columbian art exhibition being shown at Casa Iberoamerica, in Cadiz, Spain, until October...

    Mysterious Spheres of Costa Rica Finally Being Recognized

    President Laura Chinchilla met with United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and asked the group to include Costa Rica's stone spheres of...
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    Costa Rican Museums – Descriptions, Locations, and Hours

    National Museum The national museum was founded in 1897 and has become a cultural center of excellence. In 1949 after Costa Rican government abolished the...

    Ancient cultures and prehistoric discoveries in Costa Rica

    Three archeological sites in various parts of Costa Rica give an interesting glimpse into pre-Columbian life.
    Costa Rica's stone spheres.

    The Stone Spheres: A Costa Rican Mystery

    Nestled in the Diquis Delta near the town Palmar Sur is one of the most intriguing and unique finds throughout Costa Rica. Known to the Ticos who live in the area as Las Bolas, these stone spheres, some three hundred in number, have both puzzled and fascinated scholars and visitors alike.

    Who are the Ticos?

    All of us have heard native Costa Ricans refer to themselves as Ticos - it’s a term that has come to embody the warm, friendly people who have welcomed expats into their country and their culture. It’s a term that we use almost daily, but have you ever stopped and wondered who exactly the Ticos are?
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    Retirement in Costa Rica: You’re Not In Kansas Anymore!

    Although Costa Rica is far more “Westernized” than many other Central or South American locales, it still offers exasperating surprises for expats.

    The play Phaedra’s love comes from Serbia to San Jose

    by TCRN Staff Will it be so cruel contemporary society that cares more about the appearance that the potential that someone can have in your...

    Teatro de la Aduana ready to open doors

    by TCRN Staff The more than 540 square meter new Teatro de la Aduana is almost ready to be opened within the program of activities...
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