The University of Costa Rica (UCR) released the results of the survey “News 2012”, which showed that 59.7% of Costa Ricans feel that insecurity in the country increased considerably, but 67.3% are happy people.

The study by students of the Faculty of Statistics, University of Costa Rica, consulted 842 people between 18 and 69 years across the country. It took place between October 12 and November 11 of this year.

When asked about happiness, 67.3% claimed to be a happy and 8.4% said they did not consider themselves happy. 92% of urban residents and 90% of rural declared themselves “very happy.”

People between 18 and 29 years are more educated sector of the population are the most happy with 95%.

On the subject of life satisfaction, relationships with family is where most are satisfied with 89.2% followed by the relationship with the partner with 86.7% of the decisions made with 82% and work 80, 2%.

59.7% of respondents said that there was an increase in insecurity, 28.3% said it was equal while 16% said they insecurity fell; this reflected in the fact that in the last three years there was a decline in the rate of homicides and robberies.

60.7% of women are perceived that there is more crime, and 61.7% experienced a better economic situation.

Over all Ticos are happy and even though they feel insecure in certain aspects they have an overall feeling that Costa Rica is continuing to improve.

Data Source: University of Costa Rica

The Costa Rica News (TCRN)
San Jose Costa Rica