The Pura Vida Culture

Costa Rica's way of life

Costa Rican culture is very diverse, even though most part of the population is white or mestizo, there is also European, Afro-Caribbean, North-American and Asian population. Afro- Caribbean population lives on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica and this fact gives this part of the country a different style. Approximately 80% of the Costa Rican coastal land is owned by foreigners, especially Europeans and North Americans that is why English is now spoken throughout the country almost as a second language.

Costa Ricans are very friendly when it comes to welcoming people. They like to leave a really good impression of themselves, so they will treat you nothing but nice. When they are meeting someone, immediately they will create a nice conversation and rarely will say no if you ask for something. Enjoying the friendliness and being received as a family member is quite the honor.

Photo Credit: Andres Mora
Model: Elena Hidalgo

People in this beautiful country is very prideful. They let everyone know the fact that it has a long history of peace and democracy. Another fact would be that it is one of the most ecologically diverse countries in the World and also has a very nice record for conservation of its natural resources. Ticos as well, love to talk about the good economic development and the fact that the country is not in political turmoil.

The term “Pura Vida” which means pure life, is a very common phrase that Ticos use to refer to their way of life. It basically means that they live their life day to day, enjoy the little things and give little importance to the problems. As a foreigners, we should take that from Costa Ricans, live in a positive, healthy and happy way.  

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