Sporting Activities in Costa Rica

    Do Ticos enjoy sports?

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    Actually, they do! Costa Rica and their people love sports and games, the national sport here is Soccer, so everything is about soccer, and they even play it during the lunch breaks. But Costa Rican women are not considered good at playing sports. The other favorite sport in this country would be Surfing. Most children surf better than any adult in other countries.

    Among the middle and upper class, there are other popular sports like: wrestling, cycling and boxing. There are different cycling clubs. The practice of cycling is getting better every year, and these clubs get together and go through the country with their bikes. Older people prefer rather calmer sports like golf, and here in Costa Rica there are a lot of high quality courses.

    Costa Rica may be considered as the Capital for adventurous sports in America, being perfect to practice any aquatic sport: surfing, paddleboarding, windsurfing,  river rafting, and so on. But non aquatic as well: mountain bike and zip lining for example.

    Fishing is not so popular a sport as it used to be. This is more popular among tourists, since Costa Rica houses a very large amount of fish species. In fact, fishing tourism seems to have become a huge industry in the country. Foreigners also come to practice snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, water skiing and other water sports.

    The beaches in Costa Rica are famous around the World, the best surfers come every year to practice in the perfect waves that offer beaches like “Montezuma”, “Pavones”, “playa Hermosa” and in the city of Jaco. These three places are favorite among the best surfers and World Winners like Kelly Slater and others.

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