Extending The Call for Shnit International Short Film Festival 2016

This year the shnit PLAYGROUND, San José celebrates its sixth edition to the national

level and it’s fourteenth international edition. The festival will take place from October 5th to the

9th, simultaneously in eight cities around the world (Buenos Aires, Kioto, Bangkok, Cabo City,

Berna, Moscow, Egypt, and San José). The shnit provides an ideal platform for the creation of

an audiovisual and multicultural community. The deadline for this event was initially June 1st,

however it was decided that the deadline would be entended to Monday, June 20th. The festival

will accept short films of any production technique with the only limitation being that the

submission is under 40 minutes long, including credits.

“We want to invite all Costa Rican producers and directors to venture out, share their

stories and send their short films to the shnit,” said Josué Fischel, director of the Community

Audiovisual deleFOCO and the shnit festival in San José. Short films registered will participate

simultaneously in two categories of competition: Made in Costa Rica and shnit Open. The

category Made in Costa Rica applies to Costa Rican directors and producers or those who

have made short films in Costa Rica. Entrance to this category is free and automatically

qualifies entries to be selected for the international competition, the shnit Open.












As for the shnit Open, the award is a total of $100,000 between five categories: shorts with a duration of

under 10 minutes, shorts with a duration of under 20 minutes, shorts with a duration of under 40

minutes, first shnit Cinemas, and first shnit Playgrounds. Audiovisual programs can be

registered on the following online platforms: Withoutabox, Filmfreeway, FilmFestLife,

ShortFilmDepot, or Festhome.

Click Here for Rules of the festival

VIAThe Costa Rica News (TCRN)
SOURCEAiden McMorrow
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