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Many of the retirees who have migrated from North America have been told by doctors that they have added an extra 10 years onto their life!

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Can a simple move really make you into a healthier person? In our last few months of traveling about Costa Rica, we noticed that a large number of expats fit into one big category — retirees. In conversations with couples from all over the States, we’re hearing the same praises: I’ve...
Zika Virus: FAQ | TCRN

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First H1N1, now Zika? Read about the world’s latest epidemic in TCRN’s FAQ. Earlier today, the World Health Organization declared Zika a global health emergency. While the virus certainly existed prior to 2015, it is now said to be “spreading explosively” across the Americas. According to the U.S. CDC: “Zika virus will...

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Costa Rica Culture


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In a landmark decision, the Chamber approved in debate the use of marijuana for medicinal and scientific purposes. Within weeks the law will be sanctioned by the President of the Republic. In one of the countries hardest hit by drug trafficking, such as Colombia, it did not stop the historical...

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People all over the world are drinking 2,500,000,000 cups of coffee in one day. A person drinking 2.5 cups per day, as it is common, consumes 6.9 kg of raw coffee per year. Most people buy their coffee at the supermarket, but do they even know what it takes...
Herbal Sauna

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Caribbean Healing in Cahuita  “Look over there… you can see some papayas growing in the tree. Did you know that their seeds are very good for stomach problems?” I am a bit astonished by Fernando’s words, my guide for today. As I walk in Cahuita through his ‘Medicinal Plant Sanctuary’...

Costa Rica Travel

WARNING: A trip to Costa Rica may give you a better outlook on life. Feelings of joy and excitement likely. | TCRN

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WARNING: A trip to Costa Rica may give you a better outlook on life. Feelings of joy and excitement likely. Costa Rica is lined with beautiful beaches, tranquil rivers, incredible mountains, and exquisite cultural attractions. Although Costa Rica is not a large country, there are endless worthwhile sites to see...
Nowadays, there are a lot of online resources to help you visit paradise with ease. | TCRN

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En Route to The Rich Coast. By: James Stefanuto. Beyond the shade of perennial tropical foliage and far from the parallel coastlines, the life of a truly lucky country is lived out day by in the presence of truly unfavorable conditions. There are endless reasons to make the journey to Central...
Parque Nacional Marino Ballena

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About the Southern Zone Costa Rica is a country recognized as one of the most bio-diverse places on Earth, and the Southern Zone is the most diverse area within the entire country, in geography, climate, wildlife, culture and social life. Enter the Southern Zone and discover unusual scenery highlighting untouched...



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Major problems are in breakdowns and liquid waste If it were an exam, Aqueducts and Sewers (AyA) have failed. The quality of service provided by the institution is poor: breakdowns, waste water and low coverage of the sewerage system are the reasons for the poor rating. The regions where the problem...
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Risk of falling rocks and hot gases are concentrated in the vicinity of the Colossus The Turrialba volcano becomes increasingly dangerous for the people that live within a radius of two kilometers of the crater or who frequent it, said volcanologist Gino González during the Nuestra Voz program on...
baby turtle

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Sea turtles are one of the most ancient creatures on planet earth; in Stone Age they witnessed the extinction of the dinosaurs and the dawn of the human race. But the worldwide number of living sea turtles is decreasing. According to a statistic just one of one thousand baby sea...



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Concerned about the future of their working positions in areas such as merchandisers and demonstrators of the Walmart chain, including Palí and MAXI Palí, some 1,200 people will gather in front of the facilities located in San Sebastian, San Jose tomorrow. They want to leverage for the respect of...

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More than two million cards are in circulation in the country ¢896.719 million was the figure reached for debt balance credit card in the country in January this year, according to a study by the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce (MEIC). Compared to the previous report in October 2015, this...
Panama Papers

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The Legislature voted unanimously on Monday a motion to establish a special forum of deputies to study the implications of #PanamaPapers in Costa Rica. The legislative commission aims to investigate the practices and loopholes that encourage tax evasion by taxpayers. The proponent Deputy Citizen Action Party (PAC), Victor Morales, acknowledged the...

Real Estate

How to Find the Best Central Pacific Real Estate in Costa Rica

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Costa Rica’s Central Pacific is abundant with gated communities, resorts, condominiums, and beach towns. Costa Rica’s Central Pacific started the largest real estate boom in the country’s history. The boom lasted from the late 1990’s to about 2009. Now, the Central Pacific is Costa Rica’s most developed region boasting...
Retiring in Costa Rica Just Got Easier | TCRN

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A new inclusive retirement package comes complete with Costa Rican residency. Retirement and a life abroad have been made simpler. Inclusive one-stop-shop packages have become a popular option for many looking to reward a lifetime of hard work with Costa Rica’s pura vida. For example Turnkey’s Retirement Packages include a...

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The Costa Rica News (TCRN) - Costa Rica real estate in retail and commercial has been growing steady of the past few years and in 2015 there are 12 shopping centers that have been opened. By years end 36 more projects will have been initiated, and there is already...
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