Tourism Sector Maintains High Expectations for Costa Rica’s Exhibition in the Women’s Soccer World Cup

    Competition will strengthen the positioning of the "Country Brand"

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    The realization of the U-20 Women’s Soccer World Cup in Costa Rican territory during the month of August, in addition to awakening the enthusiasm of national fans, generates great expectations within the tourism sector in the middle of the low season.

    And it is that, according to estimates by the national authorities, more than two thousand arrivals would be registering between official delegations, staff and international press, plus relatives and people close to the soccer players.

    The organization of this international sporting event will strengthen the positioning of the “Costa Rica Essential Country Brand” throughout the planet, according to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT).

    Indisputable benefit to the image of the country

    “Just the fact of participating in a World Cup brings an indisputable benefit to the image of the country, precisely as we will do at the end of the year in the men’s senior category in Qatar and there is no doubt that hosting this competition in this category of players under 20 years of age will enhance the attention of global audiences and potential tourists to Costa Rica, indicated the ICT Marketing Department.

    The interest in visiting the country in the future of at least the residents of the participating countries, where important emitters of tourists from North America and Europe stand out, is another of the benefits highlighted by the authorities. Likewise, it represents a great opportunity to generate a revitalization of the economy in the communities near the main venues of the event.

    Economic reactivation

    “The presence of the delegations and fans of the countries contributes to the economic reactivation of the capital and the impact areas near the venues, benefiting hoteliers and other businessmen who offer gastronomic and cultural alternatives in San José and Alajuela mainly, permeating also to other destinations, especially for those visitors who decide to stay for a longer period of time touring the country”, added the ICT.

    This position is shared by the National Chamber of Tourism (Canatur), which points out that the arrival of these delegations has a positive effect in the middle of the low season.


    “We maintain high expectations since it is an extraordinary event, in the midst of a time when it is normal for the flow of tourists to decrease, given the nature of the activity, for which we see it as an incentive to increase international arrivals and counteract seasonality.  Without a doubt, this translates into benefits for the country’s economy for lodging, transportation, as well as the consumption of products and services and the reactivation of trade around the venues where the matches will be played,” said Shirley Calvo, director Canatur executive.

    Women at the forefront

    On the other hand, she celebrated that Costa Rica is committed to organizing this type of elite competitions, especially where the participation of women is encouraged, which will make visible the growth of women’s sports in the country.

    Another point highlighted by the country’s tourist authorities is that the Women’s World Cup venues are the National Stadium and the Alejandro Morera Soto, which means that most of the investment of the participating delegations will be made in the Greater Metropolitan Area (GAM).

    The organization expects income of around $15 million for holding the event on Costa Rican soil, according to Víctor Umaña, president of the Local Organizing Committee of the World Cup.

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