“Let’s Go Together”, Find Out Details of the FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup “Costa Rica 2022”

    The X edition of this competition will be held in Costa Rica, it should be noted that this edition was originally scheduled for 2020 but was suspended due to the pandemic

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    For this important competition for women’s soccer, two sister countries, Costa Rica and Panama were originally chosen as joint hosts. After that, and due to various circumstances, the Panamanian authorities decided to withdraw from the sports organization of this event, thus leaving only the opportunity to the Tico organizers. In addition to this and due to the Covid-19 Pandemic presented, the tournament that was scheduled for 2020 was postponed for 2022.

    Interesting details of this Soccer festival on Costa Rican soil

    It is important to note that the celebration of a sports festival of such magnitude will always ensure that the idiosyncrasies and culture of the country where it is taking place are highlighted. In this particular case, Costa Rica is no exception, the official emblem and slogans of this competition could finally be presented to the public in August 2022 and, as already mentioned, it shows important elements of national football combined with significant aspects linked to the culture and history of the country.

    Within this aspect and for the creation of the official logo, colors such as green, blue, and red stand out, which represent the national flag. It is also taken into account one of the most important elements of the nation, such as coffee, where 11 coffee beans appear representing 11 local soccer players. All this is accompanied by the motivational phrase “Let’s go together”.

    With the celebration of this tournament, Costa Rica seeks to continue consolidating its pattern and concept of equality, as has been happening with other aspects in which the country works to demonstrate its great inclination that we all are equal and there are no differences of any kind.

    A unique opportunity

    Exactly in a few days, the most exciting youth women’s soccer tournament will begin, the attributes that make Costa Rica a unique country in the world are, for example, its biodiversity, the beauty of nature, the best of its people and its will be complemented with women of 16 countries from around the world show the future of football.

    The scenario could not be better, Costa Rica, a small country but still with a great vision that has all the conditions so that a girl of any origin can dream to reach her full potential and that is our goal that more women and girls practice soccer and can enjoy their development platform through sports celebrations like this one.

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