Oscar Hernández Becomes the Oldest Costa Rican to Be So High in the Himalayas

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    A 74-year-old mountaineer, Oscar Hernández, became the oldest Costa Rican to be so high in the Himalayas. Don Oscar, accompanied by the experienced Costa Rican mountaineer Daniel Ramírez and 2 Nepalese Sherpas, set out to conquer the Island Peak, in Nepal, a summit at 6,189 meters above sea level.

    In the end, only a Sherpa along with Daniel managed to climb to the top, since Mr. Hernández presented technical difficulties that allowed him to reach 5,800 meters high; even so, he becomes the oldest Costa Rican to be on such a high summit.

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    In addition, both visited the Everest base camp, at 5,363 meters above sea level. This is the second time for Hernández and the third one for Ramírez. Finally, both reached the top of Nangkartshang, about 5,075 meters above sea level, the same in the area of ​​the Himalayas.

    “Óscar Hernández and I believe that, in Costa Rica, a platform is needed that serves all Costa Rican mountaineers, where whoever wants to register their ascent to a summit can do so by showing the respective certificates issued by the local government; that is, readings of GPS points on the peaks or legible photographs of the 4 cardinal points. We believe that this platform should be developed by the Mountaineering Federation and Icoder, without the need to be federated. We hope that the new sports minister takes note of these suggestions”, Ramirez stated.

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