Optimism Is a Very Important Part of Success in a Company

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    Optimism in business is an emotional intelligence approach that allows you to accept adversity, think of creative solutions, and sow hope when discouragement appears; it is to find part of the full glass and dye life with crystals of different colors when it is necessary to do so.

    It is not a matter of overconfidence; rather, it is the only way to stay afloat in the seas of risk and uncertainty in which every organization sometimes navigates. In addition, it constitutes an essential trait of good leaders and must be part of the corporate culture and permeate the work teams.

    Tips for acquiring an optimistic attitude

    Optimism in business is an emotional intelligence
    1. Train the way of thinking. Being optimistic is not like being tall or short, that is, it does not come as standard, it is a skill that must be acquired and that requires practice. Of course genetics and education have an influence, but you have to train yourself to be a leader capable of influencing others, inspiring and motivating; that is, an open and flexible mentality must be developed, ready to exchange opinions, teamwork, group support, proactivity and the ability to take blows. Therefore, if you are not optimistic, then learn to be.
    2. Exercise patience. An optimistic leader is not impulsive; on the contrary, they take their time to listen, ask for the opinion of others and reflect before making decisions. When someone is patient, he also becomes humble, he values ​​the contributions of his team, and openly says that he is going to meditate on which solution is the best.
    3. Do not get stuck. The road of business life is not without potholes. There will be many setbacks that should be analyzed to learn from the mistakes made and have more reflexes when it comes to overcoming the next obstacles, but that does not mean that you have to obsess or insist on what has proven to be a failure. Optimistic people accept their failures and know how to turn the wheel on time. In addition, they try not to waste time and energy on things they cannot change.
    4. Look to the future. This is more than looking at the goal without looking back. It is about maintaining the confidence that the objectives we have set for ourselves can be achieved. For this it is important to plan in the short, medium and long term. Making plans and discussing them with chosen travel companions contribute to optimism.
    5. Nurture optimism. No one wants to have a negative person by their side; on the contrary, we are attracted to people who know how to lead by dispelling our fears, who give us confidence, who listen to us and respect us, who are cheerful, capable of relativizing, who trust others and are grateful. Treating others as we like to be treated not only generates optimism, but also feeds it.
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