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    Belgian Company Highlights Costa Rican Cocoa In Fair Trade Program

    What was one of the first exchange currencies several centuries ago is today one of the country's finest export products. It is about Costa...

    Tico Company Produces 100% National Wine and Gooseberry Liquor with a Vineyard in Copey...

    The Tico company Copey Estate Winery managed after nine years to adapt its grape harvest to produce a wine of international level; as well...

    World Food Fair Rewards Costa Rican Company for Innovative Product

    In 2020, Costa Rica exported $ 51 million to the Middle East, with agriculture ($ 43.9 million), precision and medical equipment ($ 3.1 million) and food ($ 1.7 million) being the most important.

    About Private Companies and Their Role In Costa Rica's Economy

    A private company is a type of commercial company whose owners are private or private investors, non-governmental, shareholders or owners, and is in contrast to state institutions, such as public companies and government agencies

    Costa Rican Company Manages Permission to Market Medicinal Cannabis Products

    The company Vertical CR processes, before the Ministry of Health, the permission to be able to commercialize medicinal cannabis products in the country. Since...
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