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    Yajaira Chung and Roberto Mesén are 2 communicators who have been trained in the communicative modality of storytelling to undertake and transmit their success story to others through the specialized tools offered by this strategy. Assertive communication both internally and externally of any organization is one of the key pieces for achieving objectives, regardless of the size of the company or the number of collaborators it has.

    In this line, the Storytelling tool has become a resource that companies from all over the world have explored to transmit more than an advertising message as such, but rather a whole host of immersive experiences that have the purpose of attracting the public in a more engaging way. interesting and innovative. “Storytelling is a tool or action that is incorporated into the strategy and marketing plan of companies, seeking to connect emotionally with the public of interest or audience of the brand or company through a story of, for example, a service that the company offers and can help its public of interest solve a problem”, explains Roberto Mesén, CEO of Sei80 Comunicación.

    As an evolution of Storytelling, whose most popular references come from the seventh art, Storydoing appears, in which the brand leaves the leading role and the main character becomes the client, so that what predominates in this case are the experiences of the end user that can be transmitted in different ways. “It is not just about telling a story of something that happened and that’s it; the story must be thought through a strategy that generates emotions in the public of interest of the brand. Something very important is that the characters of the story that I am going to tell have a lot of similarity with the public of interest that I want to address, because that way they will feel more identified”, adds Mesén.

    Strategic storytelling has become a specialty within the field of communication, generating sources of income for professionals in this area, who over time have gained experience advising brand managers and entrepreneurs in general.

    Just like Roberto, another of these entrepreneurs is the journalist Yajaira Chung, who decided to learn more about storytelling and create her own firm dedicated to advising on this effective tool, transmitting messages based on her own experience. “We could say that a story is like opening a very attractive door in which the audience feels very attracted to go through and once inside we show them a narrative that can be why we launched this venture? Why did we create this service? What is our mission? A well-structured story is going to make the audience empathize”, says Chung.

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