Keys to Connecting with My Teenage Child

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    Adolescence is the stage of the lighthouse, a stage of light and great changes; that is to say, this is a stage of personal reaffirmation. Young people are agents of change in all areas, therefore it is essential to maintain a close relationship with our children.

    To have a healthy relationship it is important that respectful limits are established. In addition, family meetings should be held every week, as well as allowing our children to make decisions, of course, always within the framework of mutual respect.

    Always speak from respect, without jokes

    In this type of family relationship, one must speak from respect and unconditional love; without jokes my jokes that can humiliate or hurt. On the other hand, we must put aside criticism, judgments, comparisons, and, above all, eliminate negative labels or qualifiers.

    We, as parents, must model healthy communication, managing and accompanying our children’s emotions. We must also focus on finding solutions, rather than using rewards or punishments. In other words, let us be like the calm in the storm and the safe haven for our children.

    For her son, the best gift is her presence and company. Give a special time; this can be like weekly dates to share and learn from her hobbies. But, most of all,look for time alone to get to know your teen—time to connect with his/her individuality.

    Remember this: Dialogues should be open and healthy, never interrogations. Let’s use fewer commands while, at the time, providing more options.

    Assess implicit processes

    Focus on valuing your processes, rather than your results. Take into account the characteristics of your children in this stage of change; be willing to grow and learn with them. For example, accompany your children to play sports and show interest in their tastes or hobbies.

    I reiterate: It is necessary to have at least one weekly appointment to share special time, albeit with great calm, serenity and empathy. But, above all, it is essential to show availability on our part, as well as continue to be a safe pillar and bastion for our children.

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