Upskilling and Reskilling: A Winning Relationship between Companies and Their Collaborators

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    Faced with such a changing world, upskilling and reskilling have become basic tools for Human Resources (HR), since through them they can train and provide new knowledge to employees. Both favor the digital transformation of companies.

    Upskilling and reskilling refer to the training that is provided by the company to its employees. Upskilling focuses on increasing skills for the current position; reskilling in training for a different or higher growth position.

    Reskilling refers to reskilling, but is also known as retraining. When it is necessary to cover a vacancy and it is not easy to find the ideal profile, through reskilling a collaborator can be used for new or different activities within the same company. On the other hand, upskilling is preparing a person to better perform their work, according to the new realities, transforming them into a more versatile collaborator.

    The skills acquired can be soft or hard. By soft or soft we can mention: change management, creativity, critical thinking, leadership and emotional intelligence. And among the hard ones is mastering new software or platforms.

    Upskilling and reskilling to retain staff

    Due to the advancement of technology and the internet, it is common for companies to have a professional deficit, that is, they do not have the ideal profiles to fill their vacancies. Given this, constant training must be the common denominator within successful organizations.

    According to VenturesSoft, a company dedicated to the development of cloud technology for Human Capital management, the appearance of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and other technologies have given rise to new job profiles, for which it is necessary to master new concepts, methodologies, and knowledge. Therefore, if a company currently has human talent that has proven to be committed and responsible, why not consider and train them in the new needs?

    Advantages of upskilling and reskilling

    ● Improve productivity

    ● Lower staff turnover, reducing costs

    ● New positions are covered in less time

    ● Adapt to changes in technology, reducing the digital divide

    ● Shorter learning curve

    ● Increases talent loyalty

    Training, whether for upskilling or reskilling, is crucial both for the company and for each employee, where companies benefit from having trained teams and people increase their resume by acquiring new skills and enhancing those they already have.

    Likewise, if organizations are in a stage of digital transformation, enhancing the skills of collaborators will make it easier and more efficient.

    Upskilling, Reskilling, and technology

    Those responsible for human talent, together with the leaders of the different areas, must analyze what knowledge is necessary for their collaborators to acquire. Once that is defined, the learning paths are created.

    Likewise, there are very useful online platforms to train work teams, in which through online learning or e-learning, each collaborator can take development courses and programs at any time, place and at their own pace without neglecting their main activities and thus respond to the career plan that was established.

    Likewise, with the help of technology, HR areas can integrate more technology that helps them have better control of said training, such as Human Training), through which they can assign, schedule courses and personalize the path of training for each collaborator and thus reach the objective.

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