450 Costa Rican Companies Carry the Flag of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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    A group of 450 companies in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are linked to the Fourth Industrial Revolution in the country. This is stated in the most recent analysis made by the Foreign Trade Promoter of Costa Rica (Procomer).

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution is understood as the union between physical infrastructure, the internet, nanotechnology, communication sensors and other elements that radically change the way people live, their consumption habits and the way to solve their needs.

    These companies are all related to the aforementioned change in the behavior of society. The main services they offer:

    • Cloud Computing _ 20% of companies

    • Industry Integration _ 19%

    • Internet of Things _ 13%

    • Robotic Process Automation _ 10%

    • Big Data _ 9%

    • Others _ 38%

    “The world is undergoing a dizzying transformation that is radically changing the way we produce, consume, market and work. A process of change to which numerous companies at the national level are added”, said the director of Commercial Intelligence of Procomer, Marta Esquivel.

    The control of homes through cell phones and remotely is one of the most common examples of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. In this case, people can operate the lights, doors, windows, pet food, water pipes, washing machine, TV and other home appliances while you are away.

    On the other hand, the automation of some tasks (such as the new functions of robots) will generate the disappearance of some jobs that will now be occupied by machines with artificial intelligence.

    High level of export

    It is estimated that 78% of these companies exported their products and services during 2021. In that year, they generated international sales of at least US$ 11.4 million. Colombia, Mexico, the United States, Panama and Guatemala were the main destinations for these 4.0 technologies.

    In addition, Procomer’s analysis indicates that 78% of these companies developed or conditioned some technological solution that responded to the pandemic, such as those related to teleworking, product traceability, digital means of payment and health sector applications. “Some of their services may have an experimental or exploratory nature with high added value”, said Erick Apuy, the economic analyst in charge of the study.

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