4th Revolution Has Potential to Raise Income Levels and Improve the Quality of Life of Costa Ricans

It Will Bring Automation to Many Manufacturing Processes and Other Industries

The liberationist deputy Aida Montiel pointed out that the Costa Rica Digital initiative is part of the historical moment that we are living with the convergence of digital, physical and biological technologies. “We are witnessing how they are fundamentally modifying the way we live, work and relate”, she said.

Montiel pointed out that this period “called the 4th Industrial Revolution, which already has repercussions on how we are and relate to each other in the farthest corners of the planet: the revolution already affects employment, the future of work and the income of each one of them. “This 4th revolution brings the automation of many manufacturing processes and many other industries”, she added.

It is the office of deputy Montiel and the Department of Citizen Participation of the Legislative Assembly are promoting together, an initiative that we have called “Digital Costa Rica” in order to publicize the opportunities that the country has in the field of innovation, technologies, and scientific research.

That is why next Wednesday March 27th, 2019, at 6:00 pm in the Hall of Former Presidents of the Republic, the Legislative Assembly, Republic of Costa Rica will be held the First Digital Costa Rica Forum. The purpose of the activity is to publicize the opportunities that Costa Rica has in the field of innovation, scientific research and technologies, as well as to chart the route that our country should take in the 4th industrial revolution.

The same will have the participation of exhibitors of 1st level as the Minister of Science and Technology, Luis Adrián Salazar, who will discuss the recently presented Strategy of Digital Transformation to Costa Rica Bicentennial 4.0, also comment on the challenges and actions articulated the Government to take the country in a direction that enhances opportunities and reaps the benefits of the 4th industrial revolution and the knowledge society.

The 4.0 revolution of industry

For his part, the Consul of the State of Israel in Costa Rica, Mike Driquez will give a vision of how they managed to become a leading world country in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Carlos Flores, general manager of MICROSOFT COSTA RICA will have a presentation on how cultural change, the cloud, bots and artificial intelligence will facilitate the technological and digital transformation. It will also share experiences and successful use cases of this company, cataloged as one of the most innovative in the world.

While the director of the CIDE of Ulacit, Juan Ignacio González Arias will comment on the need for our country to invest in science and technology parks, to stimulate knowledge, the creation of innovative and value-added companies.

Finally, the international consultant Ricardo Monge-González, director of the Advisory Commission on High Technology – Caatec will say that through the active promotion of innovation it will be possible to reactivate the economy and why it is necessary to make policies of this type and what really is the innovation policy in Costa Rica.

The activity is open to the public and totally free. Interested persons can still register to participate in the following link: CRDigital.org/inscripcion.

“The 4th revolution has the potential to raise income levels and improve the quality of life of Costa Ricans. However, the transformation process will only benefit those who are capable of innovating and adapting”, said Montiel. This is what the Costa Rica Digital initiative seeks to prepare Costa Rica for these challenges, which in some cases will be necessary through legislation, changes in the education system, intersectoral (public-private), and institutional coordination.

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SOURCEYamileth Angulo
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