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    Tourism, Study and Exercise: Allies for the Well-being of Costa Ricans during the Pandemic

    Tourism, Study and Exercise: Allies for the Well-being of Costa Ricans during the Pandemic

    Tourism is the category of consumption that contributes the most to the well-being of Ticos, with an average score of 7.8 out of 10. This study was carried out with a digital survey among 481 Costa Ricans, men and women over 18 years

    Costa Ricans say that Protesters have the right to express themselves but without Blockades

    80% of Costa Ricans said they agree that "protesters have the right to express their points of view publicly, but not to block streets...

    In Addition To Making It a National Symbol, Costa Ricans are Drinking More Coffee

     2020 is a positive year for coffee consumption in Costa Rica: in addition to having been declared a national symbol, it is estimated that its sales in the local market will increase by 10% throughout the year

    Fingerprint and Facial Recognition Will Be the New ‘ID Cards’ of Costa Ricans

    The surveillance camera recorded a criminal while committing his misdeeds in the mall. But it was not just any recording. Without needing to resort to...

    4th Revolution Has Potential to Raise Income Levels and Improve the Quality of Life...

    The liberationist deputy Aida Montiel pointed out that the Costa Rica Digital initiative is part of the historical moment that we are living with...

    Costa Ricans Consume Almost Double Salt of What They Should

    Costa Rica almost doubles the amount of salt that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), should be consumed, a situation that is worrying...

    10 Words to Start Talking Like a Real “Tico”

    If after having read about the Ticos' idioms, you were left wanting to know more about the jargon that Costa Ricans use to refer...

    Origin of Some “Tico” Terms

    If you are a bicultural person, you probably understood all those expressions. And not only that, but you have surely used one of those...

    The Challenge of Creating a Company in Costa Rica

    The dream of having a company of its own rounds the minds of millions of Costa Ricans. Whether it is for lack of motivation...
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