Costa Ricans say that Protesters have the right to express themselves but without Blockades

Eight out of 10 respondents agreed that "at this time, authority and order are needed to maintain peace in the country"

80% of Costa Ricans said they agree that “protesters have the right to express their points of view publicly, but not to block streets and stop traffic,” according to a survey by the company Enfoques Estudios de Opinion.

The measurement conducted 800 interviews with people across the country between October 9 and 14 and has 95% confidence. During the interview period, protesters were establishing roadblocks in different parts of Costa Rica.

About this, 80.9% of those surveyed said that “protesters have the right to protest, but not to block streets and impede traffic.” 18% disagreed with the statement and 1.1% did not respond.

The vast majority of those surveyed, 80%, also agreed with the phrase “at this time, authority and order are needed to maintain peace in the country.” Only 17% disagreed and 3% did not respond.

When consulting on the handling of the blockades, opinions were more divided: 50.3% affirmed that “the government must negotiate with the protesters while there are blockades,” but 44.3% disagreed.

Also, 44% agreed that “the leaders of the demonstrations should be criminally charged for the blockades and damage to the property of third parties”, but 52% were not. Another 4% did not respond.

This survey also shows that the general population had little knowledge about the group “Movimiento Rescate Nacional”, despite being the group who called for the roadblocks

81.9% of those surveyed stated that they did not know what the “Movimiento Rescate Nacional” is, while only 18.1% indicated that they do know what the group is. 62% could not name a single one of the leaders who organized the demonstration. Even so, 72.6% said they agree with the reasons for the demonstration. When inquiring about what those reasons were, 52% said it was the tax increase.

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