Costa Rica Exports Increased 9% Last March

Last March, goods exports came to $2.592 million, which equaled to a 9% increase in comparison with the same period last year.

This information was reported by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Foreign Trade Promoter.

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According to this report, the flow of exports in the first three months of the ongoing year tended to go up, especially in the exports of goods.

Such sustained growth occurred from 2014 to 2017, revealed the latest export information reports.

The most exported product was medical and precision equipment, with an increased rate of $109 million, it means, 19.1%, leading the other production sectors.

Electric and electronic sectors showed an increase of $27 million, that is, 21.99% in the same term, while the metal-mechanical sector exports generated %25 million, 33.1%.

Livestock and fishing grew an average of 12.5%, the chemical pharmaceutical 6%, tires 16.2%, farming sector 1.2%, and food sector averaged 1.6%.

Jhon Fonseca, Foreign Trade Minister, pointed out that the objective of the Ministry is to keep the sales high throughout the year.

Fonseca claimed that the results are uplifting and that they expect a good and steady performance in the goods exports and services.

On the other side, paper and coal did not show a rise in the exports rates with $4 million less in production. Textile, leather and shoe industry reduced their sales to $3 million as well as jewelry sector whose sales rates dropped to 18.7%.

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VIAThe Costa Rica News (TCRN)
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