What Really Is Generating Value for Your Company?

    Stop thinking that "quality, price and service" are the differentiating elements to add value... that is the minimum that consumers are waiting for

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    I cannot count the infinite times I hear on social networks, in congresses, forums, courses the phrase “create value for your client”, “create valuable content”, “design value solutions focused on the user”. Well, the truth is that “Value” is a very abstract concept.

    The brain does not easily understand abstract things and if it does not understand it, it does not connect, and if its message does not connect, it is not sold. But let’s spin together yet another scenario: Even if you sell it, consuming your product or service will be more boring, tacky, and tasteless than stale potato chips.

    What to do?

    • Understand that “value” is validated, it is not created randomly or based on my tastes, abilities and preferences.
    • Use neuro innovation to access the unconscious of people and decipher what they are going to make tangible as value. The reptilian brain, limbic and cortex perceive “value” as something else. You have to go deeper, double-click each of the detonating elements in each brain and, from there, unify them into a single clear and pragmatic message.
    • Something very important to say at this time and truly with all my love, I invite you to stop living under a rock thinking that “quality, price, and service” are the differentiating elements to add value… that is the minimum that consumers are waiting.

    Consumers (but I prefer to refer to people) like brands, products and services that:

    • Have a personality and lifestyle similar to theirs.
    • Inspire them to meet their personal goals and make them enthusiastic.
    • Surprise them and amuse them.
    • Support an important social cause.
    • Provide them with tailored suits (personalized solutions).
    • Exceed expectations and take care of even the smallest detail.
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