The Women’s National Soccer Team of Costa Rica seeks a new medal in Pan American Games, after 20 years since that bronze medal that was won in the games of Winnipeg 1999, by beating on penalties to the representation of Canada in the duel for the 3rd place back then.

Costa Rica is already classified to the semifinals of the South American competition by beating Panamá and Perú by a score of 3-1 in both commitments. Currently, it is tied in points with Argentina, which will be his next opponent and with which he will play first place to win the group, which would then allow him to face 2nd place in Group A.

One of the exciting moments during the match versus Panamá

Those girls led by Amelia Valverde will fight for a medal to be classified in the semifinals and to qualify for the finals. In this regard, they ensure they have at least 1 silver medal, which would be a great achievement for our country’s soccer.

It should be noted that Amelia Valverde has already been leading the Costa Rican national teams, both professionally and in smaller divisions, for approximately 4 years. In fact, most of their players know her way of working perfectly, so they have good options to get a medal.

The next match of the Women’s National Team will be next Saturday, August 3rd at 4:30 pm -local time of Costa Rica- at the Stadium of the National University of San Marcos, in Lima, in which Costa Rica has the option to close Group B with perfect step.

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